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The following is a List of Roman wars and battles fought by the ancient Roman Kingdom, Roman Republic and Roman Empire, organized by date.

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Kids learn about the wars and battles of Ancient Rome. How the Roman army conquered much of Europe and fought the Punic Wars as well as other great ...

The Ancient Romans
In legend Rome was founded in 753BC by Romulus, its first king. In 509BC Rome became a republic ruled by the Senate (wealthy landowners and elders) and the Roman people. During the 450 years of the republic Rome conquered the rest of Italy and then... More »

Roman Generals of the Punic Wars - List - Ancient / Classical History


In the three Punic Wars, a long list of Roman generals faced a smaller number of Carthaginian military commanders.

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The Punic Wars were a series of three wars fought between Rome and Carthage from 264 BC ... On the other hand, at the start of the First Punic War the Romans had no navy .... and through Rome's ...

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The Punic Wars were a series of conflicts fought between the forces of ... lay the city of Saguntum, a Roman ally, and, in 219 BCE, the great Carthaginian general  ...

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Aug 28, 2015 ... Ancient Rome waged many campaigns of conquest during its history, ... one of Sulla's military achievements—and it finally led to war in 88 B.C., ...

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First Jewish–Roman War (66–73 CE), sometimes called The Great Revolt was the first of three ..... The final conflict in the Jewish–Roman Wars erupted in 132 CE in Judea, led by Sim...

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Jan 14, 2014 ... In the late fourth century, the Western Roman Empire crumbled after a nearly 500 -year run as the world's greatest superpower. Historians have ...

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A: The Romans did win, quite handily, although they did have Greek allies as well: War against Nabis This was late Sparta, after the ancient discipline had fallen... Read More »
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A: In 117 CE, the Roman Empire, ruled by Trajan, was at its greatest extent. Here's what the ... Rome was also just coming to the end of a civil war now calle... Read More »
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A: Many, many times. The Romans did have the decency to be embarrassed by their warlike ways ... Read More »
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