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After each run-on sentence below select the remedy that would best repair that sentence. (The remedy will show only enough of the sentence to indicate what ...

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Identify if each sentence is a run on sentence or a complete sentence. ... Log in Subscribe now 30-day free trial · IXL | Online English language arts practice ...

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Sep 19, 2016 ... Determine whether the following groups of words are run-on sentences, comma splices, fragments, or correct sentences. Should be able to visit ...

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Run-on Sentences. Quiz. Show all questions. <= 1 / 5 =>. Egypt is one of the most ancient ... This is a correct sentence. ? This sentence is a run-on sentence. ?

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Run-on Sentences. For practice with correcting run-on sentences, review the examples below. Then answer the questions, and check your answers at the end.

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c. run on. 2 .Needed the materials for the science project. a. sentence b. fragment c. run on. 3 . Bertha gave me a computer game for my birthday last week.

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Fused sentences are run-ons that have no punctuation at all to mark the break between the thoughts. Comma splices occur when a comma is used to connect or ...

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A run-on sentence does as its name says—runs on and on as a series of poorly coordinated ideas with little or no marking of sentence boundaries. Often the ...

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As a high school student, Gerardo is on top of his game yet he needs to keep his focus to continue to do well. A. Run On. B. Comma Splice. C. Correct Sentence.

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Select the answer that correctly completes each group of words to form a sentence or sentences. The best way to get to Columbus, Ohio is to take the highway ...

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Decide if the sentence is a run-on or a complete sentence. ... Now proceed to the next sentence and continue in the same manner until you have finished all 10 ...

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Run-on Sentences Exercise. In the following exercise, you will be presented with a series of sentences. Put a tick by the run-on sentences.

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Choose the best option to fix the run-on sentence. If you don't understand why the correct option is correct, read the explanation. The correct answer given may ...