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Soft computing - SlideShare

Oct 25, 2012 ... Soft computing is an emerging approach to computing which parallel the GOALS OF SOFT COMPUTING The main ... FUTURE SCOPE Soft Computing can be extended to include bio- informatics aspects. .... Fuzzy logic ppt.

Introduction to soft computing - SlideShare

Apr 21, 2012 ... Soft Computing For Neural Networks. ... Contents Intelligent systems ix it D Soft computing ... Traditions in human ..... Fuzzy logic ppt.

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Aug 5, 2012 ... ... time varying, ill-defined systems, complex soft-computing .... Soft computing ( ANN and Fuzzy Logic) : Dr. Purnima Pandit ... Fuzzy logic ppt.

Soft Computing Paradigm

The idea behind soft computing is to model cognitive behavior of human mind. Soft computing is foundation of conceptual intelligence in machines. Unlike hard  ...

Introduction to Neuro-fuzzy and Soft computing - anuradhasrinivas

Introduction to Neuro-fuzzy and Soft computing. G.Anuradha. (Lecture 1). What is computing? Counting, calculating; The discipline of computing is the ...

PPT – Soft Computing PowerPoint presentation | free to download ...

National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC) ... 1979: CLANCEY'S GUIDON. ... Soft Computing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation ...

Introduction to Softcomputing

Introduction to Softcomputing. Son Kuswadi. Robotic and Automation Based on Biologically-inspired Technology (RABBIT). Electronic Engineering Polytechnic ...


1. Lecture 0. What is Soft Computing. Intelligent Systems and Soft Computing. 2. Soft computing differs from conventional (hard) computing in that, unlike hard ...

Core Group: Soft Computing Techniques and Application

Core Group: Soft Computing Techniques and Application. Fuzzy Logic Artificial Neural Network. Genetic Algorithms. & Evolution Prog. Hybrid Models.

Soft Computing - Ubiquitous Computing Lab

Soft Computing. Lection 1. Introduction. What is SC? “Soft computing is a collection of methodologies that aim to exploit the tolerance for imprecision and ...

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