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Solomon Islands


Solomon Islands is a sovereign country consisting of six major islands and over 900 smaller ... The people of Solomon Islands were notorious for headhunting and cannibalism before the arrival of the...

Riddle of Solomon solved: Scientists find South Sea islanders blond ...


May 4, 2012 ... Around 5-10 per cent of the population of the Solomon Islands have blond hair - but it's due to an entirely different gene from Europeans.

Culture of Solomon Islands - history, people, women, beliefs, food ...


The population of the Solomon Islands is estimated to be approximately 450,000. It is comprised predominantly of Melanesians with the rest of the population ...

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May 31, 2012 ... Read more on the people of Solomon Island Melenasia and Aborigines ... Solomon Island Report | http://www.nytimes.com/2012/05/08/sci.

Another Genetic Quirk of the Solomon Islands: Blond Hair - The New ...


May 8, 2012 ... In the Solomon Islands, about 10 percent of the dark-skinned indigenous people have strikingly blond hair. Some islanders theorize that the ...

Solomon Islands People & Culture | Official Tourism Site


People & Culture. At the heart of the country are the friendly and culturally diverse Solomon Island people. The melting pot of cultures and traditions is an ...

The Mystery of Solomon Island Blonds - io9 - Gizmodo


May 4, 2012 ... We think of blond hair as a primarily European trait, but around the world there are people who have blond hair scattered throughout the ...

The Origin of Mysterious, Dark-Skinned Blonds Discovered


May 3, 2012 ... A blond-haired Solomon Island child smiles for the camera ... the highest occurrence of blond hair seen in any population outside of Europe.

Photos Of The Wonderful People Of Melanesia - Culture - Nigeria


Note: The melanesia islands is comprise of the countries of Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Vanuatu, Solomon Island, and New Caledonia, however ...

Solomon Islands: Maps, History, Geography, Government, Culture ...


Information on Solomon Islands — geography, history, politics, government, economy, population statistics, culture, religion, languages, largest cities, as well as ...

The People of Solomon Islands
Ethnicity: Melanesian, Polynesian, Micronesian
Languages: Melanesian, English (official), and 120 indigenous languages
Religions: Church of Melanesia, Roman Catholic, South Seas Evangelical, Seventh-Day Adventist, United Church, Christian Fellowship Church, other Christian
Population: 523,000 (2009 est.) (170th)
Median Age: total: 21.9 years (2015 est.)
Female: 22.1 years (2015 est.)
Male: 21.7 years (2015 est.)
Literacy Rate: not reported by UNESCO 2015
Female: N/A
Male: 84.1% (2015)
Legal drinking age: 18
People of:
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Naturally blond hair in Solomon Islanders rooted in native gene ...


May 3, 2012 ... The common occurrence of blond hair among the dark-skinned indigenous people of the Solomon Islands is due to a homegrown genetic ...

The Origin of Blond Afros in Melanesia | Science | AAAS


May 3, 2012 ... Blond Solomon Islanders carry two copies of this mutant gene, which is present in 26% of the islands' population, the team will report in ...

Melanesian Blondes - Black People with Natural Blonde Hair ...


Apr 16, 2014 ... About a quarter of the Melanesian population in the Solomon Islands archipelago has an extremely unusual trait – dark skin with blond hair.