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The peseta was the currency of Spain between 1869 and 2002. Along with the French franc, it was also a de facto currency used in Andorra (which had no ...

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The euro was introduced as money in Spain in 2002. The majority of the European Union members adopted this new currency to make traveling between  ...

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If money was not a concern, I would travel the world in my private jet.Si el dinero no importara, viajaría el mundo en mi jet privado. b. la plata (F) (Latin America).

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Spain Currency Calculator. What is the unit of money in Spain? Currency in Spain: euro (EUR). Exchange rate to other major currencies. XE, Currency Converter

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Spanish Words & Phrases. Commonly used translations for exchanging money in Spain.

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Visit STA Travel today for a few sample prices and current Spanish euro exchange rates to help you budget better.

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Spain's currency is the Euro, and the exchange rate is approximately €0.77= $1. To find the most up to date exchange rate go to XE.com Currency Converter.

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Learn how to talk about money in Spanish with this free, easy to follow lesson. Whether you're on vacation or living in a Spanish-speaking country, knowing ...

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On This Page: Spain's currency and the best way to exchange your dollars into euros. Spain is a member of the European Union (EU). In 2002 the euro was ...

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Spanish Currency or the currency used in Spain is Euro as it is located in southern portion of Europe. Being a part of the European Union and the Euro zone, ...

The Euro is the currency for Spain
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Some clich├ęs hold true. Spain, stretching sun-drenched and untamed to the south of the wild and majestic Pyrenees, is a passionate nation littered with glittering beaches where beach lovers soak up ... More »