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Animeedit]. Main article: List of Special A episodes. In 2007's 21st issue of Hana to Yume, it was announced that S.A would have a 24 ... a Anime&v=fWJ_NRoC8P8
Jul 14, 2013 ... +talya cassa i always tought Special A was a close call because of the .... Watched this anime for thousands of times and I love it, but i still can't ...

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Definition: The Special Zone is a city where humans and vampires coexist peacefully. The Zone has a protective barrier around it that allows only those vampires who have been invited to enter. In order to be invited, the invitation must come from a human already insid... More »
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Special A anime info and recommendations. Ever since their first meeting at six years old, H...

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[ adapted from S.A (manga) ]. Alternative title: Special A. S・A~スペシャル・エー~ (Japanese). S.A 特優生 (Chinese (Taiwan)). スペシャル・エー (Japanese).

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