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Some of the most prominent starships include the Jedi Starfighter, the Imperial Star Destroyer, the Millennium Falcon, the Naboo Starfighter, and the Republic Attack Shuttle.
Most of the ships in "Star Wars" can be grouped into one of three categories: starfighters, transports, and capital ships.

List of Star Wars spacecraft

edit]. Main article: § Republic assault ship. Republic assault ships of the Acclamator-class appear in Attack of the Clones.

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A starship, also known as a starcruiser, spaceship, spacecraft, or simply ship, was a vessel designed for interstellar travel, specifically between star systems.

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Ithorian Herd Ship. Length: 1,800 m. Max Passengers: 50,000; Party Slot Size: 12.00. Hull: 6,000; Deflector Shields: 4,000; Ionic Capacity: 2,250. ECM: 0

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