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An attractor is a subset A of the phase space ... close to A is attracted to A. The definition of an attractor uses a metric on ...

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What is a Strange Attractor? There are a lot of ways of looking at a strange attractor so instead of ONE definition, I'm going to give you FOUR. 1 A strange ...

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Strange attractor definition, Physics. a stable, nonperiodic state or behavior exhibited by some dynamic systems, especially turbulent ones, that can be ...

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mathematics. : the state of a mathematically chaotic system toward which the system trends : the attractor of a mathematically chaotic system <Unlike the ...

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Nov 18, 2009 ... May be it's not the right place for this, but I don't know the right definition of a strange attractor. Wikipedia states that "An attractor is informally ...

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Strange Attractors. Edward Lorenz's first weather model exhibited chaotic behavior, but it involved a set of 12 nonlinear differential equations. Lorenz decided to ...

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in the mathematics of chaos (), a set of values that tends to reoccur periodically, as the data describing the particular climate of a certain region: often ...

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this paper is primarily to define what an attractor is and to clarify what distinguishes its various types (nonstrange, strange nonchaotic, and strange chaotic).

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Chaos Theory and Strange Attractors ... A Strange attractor showing basin of attraction. The darker area ... (For a more formal definition see the Fractal FAQ.).

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An attractor exhibited by some dynamic systems for which the approach to the attractor is chaotic. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth  ...

strange attractor
Physics. a stable, nonperiodic state or behavior exhibited by some dynamic systems, especially turbulent ones, that can be represented as a nonrepeating pattern in the system's phase space.
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