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If your baby is not properly latched on to your breast, feedings could be painful. There are specific techniques that can be used when latching your baby to your ...


Breastfeeding will be more relaxed for both you and your baby when he has a good latch from the get-go. We can ... More in Breastfeeding Tips & Techniques.


In order to get milk from the breast, the baby must latch onto the breast. The word "latch" describes the way a baby takes the breast into his/her mouth. The better ...


Jun 19, 2017 ... No matter what latch and positioning look like, the true measure is in the answers to these two ... Deep Latch Technique from The Pump Station.


The Pump Station How to Video: How to get a deep latch for proper breastfeeding. Reduces pain and discomfort.


What is important is that you are comfortable and can bring your baby to your breast easily. This will help you to get your latching-on technique right.

Aug 8, 2012 ... thank you!!! for the first time since his birth, last night I was able to latch my son correctly after reading A REALLY well written article and ...
Dec 7, 2015 ... I went to bed last night ready to give up. Over the past 3 weeks my 10 week old has had the worst latch and I have been in horrible pain.
Jan 29, 2016 ... getting a newborn to latch on In breastfeeding, the latch is the moment everything comes together: Your baby takes a big mouthful of your ...