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In order to get milk from the breast, the baby must latch onto the breast. The word "latch" describes the way a baby takes the breast into his/her mouth. The better ...


Breastfeeding will be more relaxed for both you and your baby when he has a good latch from the get-go. We can help you make that happen.


A good latch is vital to successful breastfeeding. The following techniques used with proper positioning, can help ensure proper latching on.


What is important is that you are comfortable and can bring your baby to your breast easily. This will help you to get your latching-on technique right.

Jan 29, 2016 ... getting a newborn to latch on In breastfeeding, the latch is the moment everything comes together: Your baby takes a big mouthful of your ...


Jun 19, 2017 ... No matter what latch and positioning look like, the true measure is in the answers to these two ... Deep Latch Technique from The Pump Station.


Aug 12, 2013 ... There's a right way–and a wrong way–for baby to latch onto the breast. When baby latches on correctly, mother's nipples don't get sore and ...


Once you're comfortable you can try latching on. Here are a few of the most common techniques for latching on. You may want to try more than one method to ...


Breastfeeding is so natural, in fact, that we've been doing it for millions of years. ... the techniques and positions you need to know for successful breastfeeding.


There are remarkably few 'rules' connected with breastfeeding because each baby is so unique. Some babies are very no-nonsense about feedings. Others like ...