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Ottoman Empire


The Ottoman Empire also known as the Turkish Empire, Ottoman Turkey, or simply Turkey, was .... It ended when Mehmed I emerged as the sultan and restored Ottoman power, bringing an end ..... Suzerai...

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Oct 17, 2014 ... Ottoman sultan Selim I took control of the center of Muslim culture, including the cities of ... The hereditary nature of the position of sultan ...

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The Nature of Ottoman Rule. Sultan: was the supreme authority in both a political and military sense. Position of sultan was hereditary. Topkapi, palace in ...

Ottoman decline


1757-73: Mustafa III, able sultan, became involved in war with Russia and lost ... to marry and their ranks and military positions began to become hereditary. .... into first attempts of deliberate modernizing reform policies; the nature of the 18th  ...

Huntington Disease (Chorea) in the Middle East


Mar 16, 2009 ... Sultan Qaboos Univ Med J. 2009 Apr; 9(1): 16–23. ..... It explained the hereditary nature and cause of the disease in simple, .... Arabia and Oman, but at present the position of Local Representative is vacant in both countries.

the elective vladikas (1516-1696)


Eight years later the Sultan determined that he would sweep the defiant ... But nature was once more on the side of the mountaineers. ... come to blows with their hereditary foes, the Montenegrins consented; and, aided by the firearms, ... Unable to dislodge the Montenegrins from a strong position which they had occupied, ...

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Dec 23, 2013 ... My indirect/incomplete answer is of a linguistic nature, but maybe it will .... They already had a word, Malak, for the general hereditary position ...

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Mar 5, 1989 ... ... King is expected to reinforce the constitutional nature of the monarchy and act ... The new King, or Yang di-Pertuan Agong, is the Sultan of Perak, Azlan ... secret ballot among the nine hereditary royal rulers of Malaysian states. ... bypass heart operation, Dr. Mahathir's position seems secure, with some of ...



Under the feebler sultans of the 17th century, lack of firm rule from the centre allows .... By the spring of 1833 he appears to be in a position to march on Istanbul. ... the hereditary rule of Egypt, though the province remains within the sultan's empire. ... On the direct route south to Suez half the work is already done by natu...

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Oct 10, 2014 ... A further factor marginalizing the functioning of the hereditary ... Cumhur Bekar - The Changes in the Position of the Grand Vizierate ... We also witness newly emerging political actors such as the favorites of the sultan and the increasing ... South Asia, the history of which is still of a rather fragmentary nature.

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The nature of Ottoman autocracy, however, is greatly misunderstood and ... The central function of the ruler or Sultan in Ottoman political theory was to .... Still, the Ottomans did not seem to have a hereditary system based on ... The fundamental qualification for the Sultanate was the individual's worthiness to fill the position.

The Rise of the Ottoman Empire


... 8,000 Greeks, Venetians, and Genoese, faced 150,000 Turkish besiegers under Sultan Muhammad II. ... The nature of Ottoman autocracy, however, is greatly misunderstood and .... Still, the Ottomans did not seem to have a hereditary system based on ... for the Sultanate was the individual's worthiness to fill the position.

The Mamluk Conception of the Sultanate


nature of the Mamluk Sultanate in scholarly works on Mamluk history. David ... Sultan," Holt argues that the Qala'unid rule lasted so long because it was conven- ient to have a ... dynasty reigned "without developing any explicit theory of hereditary succession, ... giving his mamluks key positions in the army and governm...