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Sappho's Fragment 16


Fragment 16 is a poetic remnant by Sappho, a poet who lived in Lesbos during the 7th century B.C. It is often referred to by the English title given it by one of Sappho's most famous translators...

[To an army wife, in Sardis...] by Sappho - Poetry Foundation


To an army wife, in Sardis: Some say a cavalry corps,. some infantry, some, again ,. will maintain that the swift oars. of our fleet are the finest. sight on dark earth; ...

To any army wife Analysis Sappho : Summary Explanation Meaning ...


To any army wife, in Sardis: Some say a cavalry corps, some infantry, some again , will maintain that the swift oars of our fleet are the finest sight on dark earth; ...

How to Be an Army Wife | SpouseBuzz.com


Jul 2, 2013 ... I like to think that I can spot a new Army wife from a mile away. They are usually young. They are full of innocent optimism, patriotism and ...

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There is no wife, no army wife, no Sardis, in the poem itself. “We have chosen to translate those poems most nearly whole, as well as many of the fragments that ...

What Does It Mean To Be An Army Wife? (Part Three)


Jun 18, 2010 ... A collection of stories of what it is like to be an Army wife of an Army soldier.

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Even in Sardis. Anactoria will think often of us ... headband from Sardis to give you, Cleis, such as ..... To any army wife, in Sardis: Some say a cavalry corps,.

The Army Wife Handbook: A Complete Social Guide: Ann Crossley ...


The Army Wife Handbook: A Complete Social Guide [Ann Crossley] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. price change cost now $16.76.

Urban Dictionary: Army Wife

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Wife of an Army soldier. An emotionally strong and independant woman who does what is necessary to care for her family. A very devoted wife who is ...

Notes on war aesthetics Joshua Schuster


A second lineage of war poetry begins with Sappho's "To an army wife, in Sardis" in which she claims perhaps for the first time in the Western tradition that the ...

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To an Army Wife, in Sardis Summary - eNotes.com


Translator Mary Barnard has titled this twenty-line fragment “To an Army Wife, in Sardis.” Despite missing text, the sense of the Greek is clear; interconnected ...

Sappho Chose Love Not War, What Will You Choose? by Carol P ...


Nov 12, 2012 ... If the identification of Anactoria as an army wife in Sardis is correct, Sappho might be trying to convince an army wife to leave her husband.

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A young Army wife is unhappy with her standard of living and wants to know how to get a stipend just for being a military spouse.