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Openness index


The Openness Index is an economic metric calculated as the ratio of country's total trade, the sum of exports plus imports, to the country's gross domestic product ...

Trade (% of GDP) | Data


Trade (% of GDP). World Bank national accounts data, and OECD National Accounts data files. License: Open. LineBarMap. Share Details. 1960 1970 1980  ...

Openness to trade: exports plus imports as a share of GDP ... - Gov.uk


Openness to trade: exports plus imports as a share of GDP, ranked against .... This indicator enables BIS to assess the UK's openness to trade over time and.

Trade Openness Raises Economic Growth


Trade Openness Raises Economic Growth. "More open countries...have experienced faster productivity growth throughout the decades 1960 to 1990.".

Trade openness and economic growth: a cross-country empirical ...


This paper demonstrates that trade liberalization does not have a simple and straightforward relationship with growth using a large number of openness ...

6. Trade openness - OECD iLibrary


This ratio is often called the trade openness ratio, although the term "openness" may be somewhat misleading, since a low ratio does not necessarily imply high ...

Trade Openness and Growth: Pursuing Empirical Glasnost - IMF


Studies of the impact of trade openness on growth are based either on cross- country ... Keywords: trade openness, growth, matching estimators, synthetic control.

Trade Openness and Economic Growth


tive relationship between trade openness and growth on average, but many of them are ... 3.2 From intuitive arguments to trade models with endogenous growth.

Trade openness reduces growth volatility when countries are well ...


Keywords: Export diversification, growth volatility, trade openness ... total effect of trade openness on growth volatility changes from negative to positive?

Trade Openness and Growth: Who Benefits?


While trade openness promoted convergence in the 1960s and 1970s, we find that since 1980 the benefits of trade accrued mostly to the richer economies, with  ...

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Openness to Trade | WITS | Visualization - World Bank


Explore correlation between gross domestic product (GDP) and openness to trade (trade as percentage of gdp). You can also click on individual countries and  ...

The relationship between trade openness and economic ... - EcoMod


doubts on the way countries' trade openness is measured on the one hand, the ... links and causality between trade openness, growth and income distribution is ...

Trade Openness and Culture - West Virginia University


This paper empirically analyzes the effect of trade openness on culture, measured by ... economists regarding the net economic benefits of trade openness.