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A trochophore is a type of free-swimming planktonic marine larva with several bands of cilia. By moving their cilia rapidly, a water eddy is created. In this way ...

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Trochophore, also called trochosphere, small, translucent, free-swimming larva characteristic of marine annelids and most groups of mollusks. Trochophores are  ...

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a free-swimming ciliated larva of several invertebrate groups, including many marine annelid worms, mollusks, brachiopods, and nemerteans. Origin of ...

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Trochophore definition, a ciliate, free-swimming larva common to several groups of invertebrates, as many mollusks and rotifers. See more.

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They share a distant common ancestor with the annelid worms, an evolutionary heritage suggested by their larval form, called a trochophore larva, found in all ...



In the life history of Nereis trochophore larva is seen. It is an unsegmented, small ciliated larva. It has a broad anterior end and a narrow posterior end.

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Jul 24, 2014 ... Trochophore larva. Thomas Schwaha. SubscribeSubscribedUnsubscribe 33. Loading... Loading... Working... Add to ...

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Sexual reproduction produces a free-swimming, ciliated larva called a planula. .... The trochophore larvae of mollusks is also evidence that they belong in the ...

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«Trochophore» is a term used in a strict sense for larvae having an opposed- band method of feeding, involving a prototroch and metatroch. Other ciliary bands ...

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Trochophore larvae have a characteristic mode of feeding, where small particles ... As trochophore larvae metamorphose, they gradually lose larval structures ...

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When these larvae hatch, each is a microscopic swimmer known as a trochophore larva, shown at right. The larva has two bands of cilia around the middle that ...

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Nov 11, 2012 ... STRUCTURE OF TROCHOPHORE LARVA Life cycle of many Polychaetes ( Annelids) includes a free swimming trochophore larva. This larva is ...

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The small, free-swimming, ciliated aquatic larva of various invertebrates, including certain mollusks and annelids. [Greek trokhos, wheel (from trekhein, to run) + ...