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European cuisine, or alternatively Western cuisine, is a generalised term collectively referring ... A service where the guests are free to take food by themselves is termed a buffet, and is usually...

Five Foods You Must Eat in Europe - LandLopers


Nov 12, 2012 ... One of the best aspects of traveling in Europe is the food. From the best pastries in the world to savory dishes created with care and perfection.

Infographic reveals 28 of Europe's most popular dishes | Daily Mail ...


Apr 28, 2015 ... While Belgium is practically synonymous with moules frites, the Continent is home to far lesser known national foods such as jota stew in ...

What do Europeans eat? | Reference.com


The food that Europeans eat depends on the country and region of Europe they live in. Residents of Northern Europe, such as in the United Kingdom, France ...

What types of food do Europeans eat that Americans find disgusting ...


Why, casu marzu of course! What is casu marzu, you ask? Casu marzu is a cheese made primarily on the island of Sardinia in Italy. Yummy, yummy cheese.

The ONE Dish You Must Eat In 28 European Countries | Huffington ...


May 4, 2015 ... It's a great time to go to Europe, and not only because flights are cheap. The food is having a major moment. London's dining scene is hot, ...

What One Thing Should You Eat in these 14 European Countries ...


Dec 4, 2015 ... One dish you must eat in 14 European countries - your only problem is ... Try them and other Czech food specialties on a Prague food tour. ... with over 150 different breweries, Belgium is spoiled for choice in types of beer.

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Browse the Web's best collection of European Recipes, including French, German, Greek, Italian and Spanish Cuisines! Also, check out our Most Popular ...

History of European food - Eupedia


Europe has a great diversity of food reflecting its linguistico-cultural mosaic. In this age of globalisation we are brought to eat food from more ...

Traditional Foods in Europe - Eurosfaire


traditional foods in European food composition databases are discussed. Also outlined in this ..... and different types of beans and pumpkins. In traditional ...

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Food of Europe - European Cuisine - Food in Europe


European food has a distinct flavor and rich history. The food in ... Other kinds of fish that are commonly eaten are smoked herring, sardines, cod and mackerel.

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Travel to your favorite continent with our archive of European recipes. Food.com will ignite your Euro-trip with some classic European food like paella, pasta.

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European food also known as Western food is referred to as Continental ... and stews, soups encompassing various types of spices, vegetables and meats.