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List of gangs in the United States


The Federal Bureau of Investigation website in 2014 stated that there were some 33,000 gangs in the United States which they classified as street gangs, ...

Into the Abyss: Kinds and Names of Gangs - Missouri State University


Part 5: Kinds and Names of Gangs. Kinds of Gangs. The world of gangs is very complex. I didn't expect to find that. When someone mentioned the word gang to  ...

Florida Gang Reduction - Types of Gangs


Gangs vary in size of their membership, ethnic composition, organizational ... The National Gang Intelligence Center classifies gangs into three basic types:.

10 Extremely Dangerous Gangs - Toptenz.net


Sep 19, 2008 ... Even though they are not one of the biggest prison gangs, the Aryan ... The Mungiki are extremely against Christianity as well as any type of ...

Frequently Asked Questions About Gangs - National Gang Center


What kinds of gangs are there? How extensive is the gang-drug-violence connection? What is the nature of gang member migration across the United States?

What Is a Gang? Definitions | National Institute of Justice


Oct 28, 2011 ... Reference to gangs often implies youth gangs. In some cases, youth gangs are distinguished from other types of gangs; how youth is defined ...

Gangs - What You Need to Know - Prairie View Prevention

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While gang members may claim that theirs is unique, gangs fall into one of three categories: 1.Traditional.

25 Notoriously Dangerous Gangs - List25


Jan 26, 2012 ... With everything from street gangs to international crime syndicates be ready to meet 25 notoriously dangerous gangs.

Gang Life - How Street Gangs Work | HowStuffWorks


Gang Life - Gangs have paticular recruitment strategies, initiations, and ... Prev Next. There are three major types of street gangs, each defined by factors such as ...

Violence and Gangs Facts, information, pictures | Encyclopedia.com ...


Gang graffiti employs all the aforementioned types. Gangs use graffiti for many purposes. In some instances, it may be a way of communicating messages to ...

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Gangs - The Overall Picture Personal


These three types of gangs vary in the degree of violence. The first is the social gang. This group tends to hang out at a certain location. Members will engage in  ...

Survey Results: Types of gangs - OJJDP


There has been considerable debate among practitioners and researchers about which groups should be considered gangs (Klein, 1995). In the present survey, ...

10 Most Dangerous Gangs in America - Criminal Justice Degrees ...


Since the mid-19th century, dangerous gangs have roamed the streets of America's major cities, exerting their control over criminal enterprises and wreaking ...