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The following outline is provided as an overview of and introduction to tort law: Tort law – defines what a legal injury is and, therefore, whether a person may be  ...


Types of negligence and examples of tort cases: What is a tort; different types of tort cases; examples of negligence and intentional torts; hiring a lawyer.


There are basically three types of torts: intentional torts; negligence; and strict liability. An intentional tort is a civil wrong that occurs when the w(...)


The torts most likely to be heard in magistrate or metropolitan court are the kinds that arise from intentional or negligent acts, or failures to act, that result in injury ...


The three main types of torts are negligence, strict liability (product liability), and intentional torts. Intentional Interference with a Person. All tortious charges of ...


Torts are divided into three general categories: (1) intentional torts, (2) torts of negligence, and (3) strict liability torts. The three types differ based on the intent of ...


This material explains the various types or categories of tort.

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Tort law is the body of laws that enables people to seek compensation for wrongs committed against them. When someone's actions cause some type of harm to ...


A tort is simply a civil wrong. There are three general types of torts that may cause injury to another person. In civil law, torts are grounds for...