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Their one creed (or doctrine) is stated as: "We only believe in that ... The Universal Life Church does not issue ministerial certificates to ...

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May 13, 1977 ... About the Universal Life Church, the world's largest online religious organization (est. 1977). The ULC is the most trusted provider of legal ...

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The Universal Life Church has only one doctrine. "Do that which is right". We stand for absolute freedom of religion in regard to peaceful practices. This doctrine ...

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The Universal Life Church is the world's largest online religious organization. ... be able to practice their spiritual and religious beliefs without interference or ...

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Dec 14, 2014 ... I first heard of the Universal Life Church over a decade prior. ... Hensley's innovation was a religion with no official doctrine other than the vague ...

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Jul 20, 2012 ... Many people believe that the Universal Life Church is a scam due to ... and their comments, opinions, and beliefs DO NOT REFLECT REALITY.

Universal Life Church, Beware the 'Cultic One' for Witches, Pagans


Universal Life Church Cult includes the SATANIC SYMBOL (See Devil's Pentagram in their ... The universal Life church brags it has NO "traditional doctrine"

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The Universal Life Church's beliefs are eternal progression, a fuller for life for everyone, living and helping lives, and unity. Reverend Kirby J. Hensley founded  ...

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Dec 28, 2016 ... They do this without regard for anyone's beliefs or lack thereof. Ask and ye shall receive. The original Universal Life Church was founded by ...

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Become ordained online for free at the Universal Life Church. We offer ... Your ministering abilities will be enhanced by knowing about the beliefs of others.