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The genital papilla is an anatomical feature of the external genitalia of some animals. In mammals[edit]. See also: Sexual reproduction § Mammals. In mammals ...


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Males are identified by the presence of a urogenital opening or preputial orifice just posterior to ... Locate each of the following organs in your fetal pig. Observe ...

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This is a handout for use during the fetal pig dissection. ... If your pig is female, you should also note that urogenital papilla is present near the genital opening.

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Most of the pig's external features are familiar to you - ears, nose, eyes, etc. On the belly you will see the umbilical cord which connected the fetal pig to its ...

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Apr 10, 2011 ... Uterine body Uterine horns Uterine tube (oviduct) Ovary Vagina Urogenital sinus Urethral opening into urogenital sinus External genitalia ...

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Laboratory 8 - Urinary and Reproductive Systems. Urinary System ... If you pull on the pigs umbilical cord, you will ... urogenital opening to expose the penis.

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Lift the pig's tail to find the anus. Study the ventral surface of the pig and note the tiny bumps called mammary papillary. These are present in both sexes. In the ...

6. Pig Dissection I


To study the anatomy of vertebrates, we will be dissecting fetal pigs. Material for ... Locate the anus and mammary papillae (yes, male pigs will have the papillae ...

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Trunk - abodomen - nipples, umbilical cord, urogenital opening on male. Trunk - hindlimb - hip, knee, ankle. Tail - tail, urogenital papilla and opening on female.

Fetal Pig Dissection


Insert the blade of your scalpel under the pig's chin, just below the surface of the skin, and cut ventrally to the umbilical cord. Be careful not to make the cut too ...

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Aug 1, 2010 ... organ system: reproducive. function: attaches developing pig to placenta ... genital papilla (which gender?) ... organ system: urinary. function: ...

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Developed by Dr. Mark Stanback www.bio.davidson.edu fetal pig dissection pictures .... Female: Look for a single urogenital opening just ventral to the anus.

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Pig Lab #1 - External Anatomy - see figures on pkt p. 6 and 15. You will ... these two openings: urogenital opening of the penis and the anus. They are posterior ...