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This is a food guide I developed for my book Vegan for Her, but it works for men as well. It's aimed at helping vegans plan a daily menu that meets nutrient needs  ...

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A vegan doesn't consume any animal-derived foods or use animal products or byproducts, and eats only plant-based foods.

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When Eating Out Try These Foods; Egg and Dairy Replacers; Vegan Diets in a Nutshell Poster (PDF); Vegetarian Journal's Guide to Food Ingredients · Vegan ...

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Build your vegan nutrition confidence and conquer uncertainty. This guide is filled with tips that are easy to add to your everyday plant-based diet.

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3, Vegans do not consume any dairy products, eggs, or ... See the LLU Vegetarian Food Guide Wraniidfor ... the purpose of this document, “vegan” refers to diet.

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Vowing to prove that vegan food can be decadent and delicious—and not a ... and gorgeous full-color photographs, The Vegan Table is the ultimate guide, ...

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When changing your diet, it may take time to explore new foods and develop a ... and a number of recipes for bean-based dishes in our online starter guide, ...

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A vegan diet is one that consists only of plant-derived foods, as vegans do ... this guide should only be considered a broad blueprint for a balanced vegan diet.

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As a vegan you'll be avoiding all animal-derived foods – so as well as meat and ... If you're new to vegan cooking, follow our shopping guide for vegan-friendly ...

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Quick, easy and packed with healthy veg, this is a great midweek meal for vegans .... A simple guide to making your own versatile vegan cheese, to enjoy as a ...

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Well-planned vegan diets contain all the nutrients we need to remain strong and ... The Vegan Plate food guide from Becoming Vegan: Express Edition and ...

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If you're a vegan, everyone has likely quizzed you about where you get your nutrients. Plant-based foods provide all of your nutritional needs.

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Must we use the Vegan Food Pyramid to plan a well-balanced diet? Plus ... But we have to remember that it's simply a guide, a beacon that shows you the way.