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DiGeorge syndrome


DiGeorge syndrome is also known as 22q11.2 deletion syndrome,DiGeorge anomaly, velocardiofacial syndrome (VCFS), Shprintzen syndrome, conotruncal ...

Velo-cardio-facial Syndrome


What is Velo-cardio-facial Syndrome? Velocardiofacial Syndrome, also known as VCFS or as 22q11.2 Syndrome or as DiGeorge Syndrome, is the most ...

VCFS 22q11 Foundation - What is VCFS


Velocardiofacial syndrome (VCFS/ 22q11) is a genetic syndrome (a syndrome means a pattern of features occurring together). VCFS/deletion 22q11 is the most  ...



A number sign (#) is used with this entry because the velocardiofacial syndrome and DiGeorge syndrome (DGS; 188400) are caused by a 1.5- to 3.0-Mb ...

Velocardiofacial Syndrome: Background, Pathophysiology ...


Feb 13, 2014 ... Velocardiofacial syndrome (VCFS) is a genetic condition characterized by abnormal pharyngeal arch development that results in defective ...

Velo-Cardio-Facial Syndrome: 30 Years of Study


Velo-cardio-facial syndrome is one of the names that has been attached to one of the most common multiple anomaly syndromes in humans. The labels ...

22q11.2 deletion syndrome - Genetics Home Reference


22q11.2 deletion syndrome has many possible signs and symptoms that can affect ... Doctors named these conditions DiGeorge syndrome, velocardiofacial ...

Velo-cardio-facial syndrome - The Arc of North Carolina


Supporting People with Developmental Dissabilities, such as Velo-Cardio-Facial Syndrome. The Arc of NC provides resources and support to families and ...

Velocardiofacial Syndrome (VCFS) / 22q11 Deletion Syndrome


Velocardiofacial syndrome, or 22q11 deletion syndrome, is known by many names, including Shprintzen syndrome, craniofacial syndrome, DiGeorge syndrome, ...

Special Child: Disorder Zone Archives - Velocardiofacial Syndrome


Velocardiofacial syndrome (VCFS), also known as DiGeorge syndrome, is a disorder characterized by cleft palate, heart abnormalities, learning disabilities, and ...

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Q: What is velo cardio facial syndrome?
A: Velo-cardio-facial syndrome is a genetic disorder with varying conditions Read More »
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Q: What is velo-cardio-facial syndrome (VCFS)?
A: Velo-cardio-facial syndrome (VCFS) is a genetic condition that is related to DiGeorge Syndrome. VCFS involves a similar chromosome abnormality as DiGeorge Syndr... Read More »
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Q: What is a cause of velo cardio facial syndrome?
A: Velo cardio facial syndrome also known as VCFS. VCFS - also known as 22q11.2 deletion syndrome, Shprintzen Syndrome, DiGeorge Sequence and, regrettably, Catch 2... Read More »
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Q: What are the features of Velo-cardio-facial syndrome?
A: The following are the most common features of Velo-cardio-facial syndrome. However, not every child will have every feature of the syndrome and the severity of ... Read More »
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Learning About Velocardiofacial Syndrome


Velocardiofacial syndrome (VCFS) is a genetic condition that is sometimes hereditary. VCFS is characterized by a combination of medical problems that vary  ...