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Transcaucasia (Russian: Закавказье) or the South Caucasus is a geopolitical region located in the vicinity of the southern Caucasus Mountai...

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Jun 30, 2013 ... What are the 3 countries that make up the Transcaucasia? Armenia, Georgia ..... Why is transcaucasia called the Balkans of Asia? Because its ...

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Aug 17, 2016 ... ... Europe/Eurasia Studies; Baltic States, Central Asia, Transcaucasia ... Baltic States: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania; Central Asia: Kazakhstan, ...

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Dec 3, 2010 ... Central Europe · Balkan Peninsula · Eastern Europe · Northern Europe · Western ..... The Transcaucasian region was inhabited by a large number of diverse ... On the whole, Russians in Central Asia lived apart from local Muslim ..... of this Russo-centrism: "Comrades, Georgia is called the...

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UROPE and Asia fuse along the shores of the Black Sea, but the Caspian Sea is all Asiatic. ... The northern slopes of these mountains, properly called the North Caucasus, contain various ... the highest ridges is called the Transcaucasus -- the land of Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. The Balkans border Central Europe.

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The Transcaucasian countries of Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia are included in this definition, though they are defined by the UN as western Asia. ... The nations of the Balkans as well as Hungary and Romania were all at one time controlled by the ... It follows the so-called “Huntington line” of "clashing civilizations" ...

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What is going on in Central Asia and in Turkey has completely changed the region's ... of republics in the Transcaucasus (Azerbaijan) and Central Asia ( Kazakhstan, ... he called the independence of these states (called henceforth the ex-Soviet ...... They variously portrayed Turkey as the natural leader of the Balkans, the ...

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called the Kuwait of the Caspian and is the acknowledged focal point of the ..... the Transcaucasus and in Central Asia in the next Century.19. The oil potential ... the Bosporus, a proposed pipeline across the Balkan peninsula from Burgas, Bul -.

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Anthony Zinni focused on the 10 key challenges facing Central Asia, which ...... to be called a nation-state, having been thrown into independence by the breakup of ..... in Moscow but also in Nigeria, Columbia, the Caucasus, and the Balkans.

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Apr 22, 2016 ... img kformap Kosovo is the Balkan region which became during the last 150 years contested land between the Serb and Albanian nationalisms.

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Transcaucasia, Russian Zakavkazye, a small but densely populated region to the south ... separating the Black and Caspian seas where Europe and Asia converge. ..... geographers called the region Jabal Al-Alsun (“Mountain of Language”).

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Jan 25, 1996 ... Two pipeline routes in Central Asia are under consideration. .... Stalin negotiated a treaty in the Transcaucasus between communist Russia and Turkey. .... With the collapse of the Soviet Union, President Boris Yeltsin called for a .... Russia closer to the Balkans, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Middle East.

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Georgia, situated at the dividing line of Asia and Europe, is an ancient country of ... and Azerbaijan, Georgia was integrated into the Transcaucasian SFSR.