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Transcaucasia (Russian: Закавказье), or the South Caucasus, is a geopolitical region in the vicinity of the southern Caucasus Mountains on ...

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Jul 1, 2012 ... *Siberia (East of Urals)= Asia, Larger than conterminous U.S. (48 states). *Far East= Asia ..... Why is transcaucasia called the Balkans of Asia?

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Apr 8, 2015 ... The chief significance of the Caucasus in Asian history, therefore, ... and medieval times were eastern Georgia (called Kartli or Iberia) in the ...

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... Europe/Eurasia Studies; Baltic States, Central Asia, Transcaucasia ... Baltic States: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania; Central Asia: Kazakhstan, Krygyztan, Tajikistan , ...

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called the Kuwait of the Caspian and is the acknowledged focal point of the ..... the Transcaucasus and in Central Asia in the next Century.19. The oil potential ... the Bosporus, a proposed pipeline across the Balkan peninsula from Burgas, Bul -.

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Transcaucasian Transition Zone. The region constituted by Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan; a mini-shatter-belt known as the "Balkans of Asia;" a historical ...

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Anthony Zinni focused on the 10 key challenges facing Central Asia, which ...... to be called a nation-state, having been thrown into independence by the breakup of ..... in Moscow but also in Nigeria, Columbia, the Caucasus, and the Balkans.

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Turkey sits astride Europe, particularly the Balkans, the Middle East, and the ... and southern republics of the ex-USSR in Transcaucasia and Central Asia, and as a ..... address the Transcaucasian and/or Bosnian wars, an approach that called ...

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The independence of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and the Central Asian ... Asian republics, the Caucasus, the region around the Black Sea and the Balkans. .... and later, in July 1993, launched what the Turkish press called "a diplomatic attack".

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UROPE and Asia fuse along the shores of the Black Sea, but the Caspian Sea is all Asiatic. ... The northern slopes of these mountains, properly called the North Caucasus, contain various ... the highest ridges is called the Transcaucasus -- the land of Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. The Balkans border Central Europe.