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Problems With Wii Controllers
The Nintendo Wii features a Wii remote, which players use to control the action on screen with hand motions, and the nunchuk accessory. This device connects to the Wii remote and includes a joystick for more control of on-screen characters. If you have... More »
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Wii Remote Not Working or Syncing Correctly | Nintendo Support

Lights blink momentarily on the remote, but do not stay lit. Cursor is not ... The Wii Remote is not behaving as expected. Many issues with ... Error Code Lookup.

| Wii - Troubleshooting - System & Accessories | Nintendo

Wii Remote. Wii Remote Not Working ... Sound Problems. Audio Issues With Nintendo GameCube Games. Classic Controller. Classic Controller or Classic ...

Wii Remote not Working | Nintendo Tech Forums

Check the motion sensor functionality by holding the Wii Remote ... If other Wii remotes do work, and this is the only remote that has a problem, ... Controller Problems&v=Vxu19zTPMU4
Jun 21, 2009 ... How to fix wii remote not syncing: Unplug the wii for 2 minutes at least, plug it in and then turn the wii on. Connect by pressing the red button on ...

Wii Remote Not Working or Syncing Correctly | Nintendo Support

The licensed Wii Remote has the model number printed on the bottom near where ... If another Wii Remote works, there is likely a problem with the original Wii ...

Wii Remote not working??? - Nintendo Fan Club - GameSpot

just take the batteries out for like 3 minutes and then put them back in and re-sync . If that doesn't work then you either need a new wii-mote or there is a problem ...

Nintendo Wii Remote Troubleshooting - iFixit

Double check to make sure you have charged batteries in the Wii Remote. If not ... If that doesn't resolve the problems, make sure that the batteries are oriented ...

Is it my Wii Remote? - Nintendo

Your problem may be caused by bright lights, which could be behind or near your TV, shining towards your Wii Remote or reflecting off your TV screen.

The Complete Guide To Wiimote Problems - Wii Chat

The Complete Guide To Wiimote Problems-dsc00262-6.jpg Number 1, These 4 flashes mean you have full battery power. 3 flashes = 75%, 2 ...

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Q: How to Fix a Wii Controller Problem.
A: 1. Make sure the Wii Sensor Bar is plugged into the back of the system. If it isn't, or if it's loosely connected, your Wii Remote will not be able to communica... Read More »
Q: Nintendo Wii Controller Problems.
A: Early in its life, the Wii Remote's wrist straps were known to break and cause the Remote to slip from a user's hand in mid-swing. This caused a variety of inju... Read More »
Q: Wii controller problem?
A: maybe your sensor bar is standing at a weird angle. Read More »
Q: Wii Controller Problems.?
A: The bar that connects the Wii & the controllers to operate has been broken by my dog who decided to chew it. :P Now we can't use the Wii controller to play any ... Read More »
Q: Wii controller problem?
A: The accelerometer may be stuck. Smack the Wiimote in the palm of your hand, buttons facing down, a few times and it should work. Read More »