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Due to their relatively large size, woolly monkeys have few natural predators within their jungle environment. Large birds of prey such as eagles, are the main  ...

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Woolly monkeys are large muscular monkeys with prehensile tails and arms about as long as their legs (Ankel-Simons 2007; Napier & Napier 1967). The tail  ...

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Woolly monkeys are found in most parts of the Amazon jungle. They are easily distinguished from other monkeys found here with their round heads and their ...

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Common woolly monkeys are hardly ever found on the forest floor. Generally, they remain at a height of about 38 ft (12 m) but will come down as low as 22 ft ...

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Woolly monkeys, although able to walk upright on the ground, are primarily arboreal, and spend most of their time up in the trees of their Amazonian habitat.

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Bodini and Pérez-Hernández (1987) reported that no woolly monkeys have been ... In 1967, Klein and Klein (1976) made some observations on the habitat and ...

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Common woolly monkeys have a sturdy prehensile tail, which they use to hang from branches and occasionally to pick things ... We've left it here for reference More information ... Woolly monkey carrying a baby on its back through the trees  ...

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Common (Humboldt's) Woolly Monkey (Lagothrix lagotricha) Classification: ... The Woolly Monkey's predators include several species of eagle and cats like the  ...

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Sep 10, 2006 ... The hair of the yellow-tailed woolly monkey is long and thick, an adaptation to its cold montane forest habitat. Its color is deep mahogany, with ...

Woolly monkey
The woolly monkeys are the genus Lagothrix of New World monkeys, usually placed in the family Atelidae. The four species of woolly monkey all originate from  ... More »
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Many photographs and a video with details of classification, status, description, range, habitat, biology, threats and conservation.

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Woolly monkey lives in dense tropical rainforests and seasonally flooded forests on the high altitudes. This animal is threatened by habitat loss and hunting.

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First discovered by scientists at the beginning of the nineteenth century, this distinct species of woolly monkey was thought to be extinct until its rediscovery in  ...