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Exclusive or


edit]. Main article: Bitwise operation · Nimber addition is the exclusive or of nonnegative integers in binary representation.

Xor Operator (Visual Basic) - MSDN - Microsoft


In a Boolean comparison, the Xor operator always evaluates both expressions, which could include making procedure calls. There is no short-circuiting ...

Binary XOR Operation


The binary XOR (exclusive OR) operation has two inputs and one output. It is like the ADD operation which takes two arguments (two inputs) and produces one ...

XOR bitwise operation | Ciphers | Khan Academy


Read and learn for free about the following article: XOR bitwise operation.

XOR -- from Wolfram MathWorld


A connective in logic known as the "exclusive or," or exclusive disjunction. It yields true if exactly one (but not both) of two conditions is true. The XOR operation ...

math - What does the ^ (XOR) operator do? - Stack Overflow


XOR is a binary operation, it stands for "exclusive or", that is to say the resulting bit evaluates to one if only exactly one of the bits is set. This is its ...

Logical xor operator in c++? - Stack Overflow


Is there such a thing? First time I encountered a practical need for it, ... The != operator serves this purpose for bool values. ... For a true logical XOR ...

The Magic of XOR


Let (+) be the XOR operator (this is a circle with a plus sign inside it). In this case, we assume that p and q are boolean values, instead of words, and we assume ...

Boolean Operations - C++ Tutorials - Cplusplus.com


The result of applying this AND operation is 1 if both a and b are equal to 1, and 0 in all ... These are the 4 basic boolean operations (AND, OR, XOR and NOT).

Logical exclusive-OR - MATLAB xor - MathWorks


This MATLAB function performs an exclusive OR operation on the corresponding elements of arrays A and B.

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Q: Xor operator.
A: Try. unsigned int dec = x(dataTSB) insigned int output =  dec^dataFSB; cout< new values: " output; or. int unsigned int dec = x(dataTSB) cout< new values: " (de... Read More »
Source: www.experts-exchange.com
Q: How the XOR operator works
A: If you have two numbers, 138 and 43 for example, then use this way to calculate 138 ^ 43 138 Xor 43 in VB.NET): 138 -> 10001010 43 -> 00101011 Take the fi... Read More »
Source: www.codeproject.com
Q: How is the XOR operation used in encryption?
A: XOR with a fixed pattern just flips bits - it's hardly encryption in the modern sense. It's also symmetric - XOR with the same pattern restores the original pla... Read More »
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Q: Is there a XOR operator in Java?
A: Java does have a logical XOR operator, it is ^ (as in a ^ b) Apart from that, you Read More »
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Q: What is the difference between the or logical operator and the Xo...
A: The. or. operator will evaluate to true if either side of the operation is true. The. xor. operator will evaluate to true only if. exactly one side. of the oper... Read More »
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