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The Yuan dynasty officially the Great Yuan was the empire or ruling dynasty of China established by Kublai Khan, leader of the ...

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The Yuan dynasty 元 (1279-1368) was the house of the great Mongol khan ... real civilian government, able rulers like Emperor Shizong 元世祖 (Qubilai Khan, r.

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Despite attempting to rule in a Chinese fashion, the government of the Yuan Dynasty had virtually no Chinese officials. Mongols and other foreigners were given ...

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The Yuan Dynasty was the biggest empire in China history on its region. ... To rule his empire, he utilized the government structure he found established in the ...

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Nov 30, 2015 ... Yuan dynasty, Wade-Giles romanization Yüan, also called Mongol ... the European traveler Marco Polo, to staff the government bureaucracy.

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Although founded by the Mongolian ethnic minority, the general ruling mode of the Yuan Dynasty still followed the political pattern of the previous regimes set up  ...

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The 'Four Class System' was a legal caste system in the Yuan Dynasty. Kublai Khan, the first emperor set up this system to consolidate the ruling status of ...

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Kids learn about the Yuan Dynasty of Ancient China including its history, the Mongols, Kublai Khan, rise and fall, government, culture, and fun facts.

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In 1271 Kublai Khan named his dynasty Yuan which means "origin of the ... he used some Chinese in low positions in the government, he abolished the civil ...

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The Mongolian Empire: The Yuan Dynasty, 1279-1368 ... The government, however, was run by Chinese officials selected under the civil service examination.