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A zoetrope is one of several pre-film animation devices that produce the illusion of motion by displaying a sequence of drawings or photographs showing ...


The online home of Francis Ford Coppola's internationally acclaimed story and art quarterly.


Zoetrope: a community of artists since 1998. ... Zoetrope Workshops. Come on in and check it out. It's free. Join Now. Launched: March, 2000. Members: 119,425

Jul 5, 2012 ... Zoetrope Animation CLICK HERE: https://zoetropeanimation.com/products/ zoetrope-animation-toy-large http://zoetrope.org/ Zoetrope ...


The zoetrope was invented in 1834 by William Horner, who originally called it a Daedalum ("wheel of the Devil"). It was based on Plateau's phenakistoscope, but  ...


Zoetrope definition, a device for giving an illusion of motion, consisting of a slitted drum that, when whirled, shows a succession of images placed opposite the ...


The zoetrope (pronounced ZOH-uh-trohp), invented in 1834 by William George Horner, was an early form of motion picture projector that consisted of a drum ...


George Horner in 1834 and renamed "Zoetrope" by French inventor, Pierre Desvignes. In "zoetrope" you might recognize the root word "zoo" from a Greek word ...


The zoetrope is an optical toy that produces an illusion of motion from a rapid succession of static images. The zoetrope was invented in the early 19th century.