Why does Alex Iwobi wear a specific kit number? Unraveling the reasons

When it comes to professional sports, every detail matters, from the choice of footwear to the design of the team’s uniform. One particular aspect that often sparks curiosity among fans is the selection of a player’s kit number. In this article, we will take a closer look at why Alex Iwobi wears a specific kit number and unravel the reasons behind his choice.

The significance of kit numbers in football

Before delving into Alex Iwobi’s specific kit number, let’s first understand the significance of these numbers in football. Traditionally, each player on a team is assigned a unique number that corresponds to their position or role on the field. For example, goalkeepers usually wear numbers 1 or 13, while strikers often don numbers between 9 and 11.

Alex Iwobi’s journey with Arsenal

Alex Iwobi, known for his explosive speed and versatility on the pitch, rose through the ranks of Arsenal’s youth academy before making his first-team debut in 2015. Initially wearing number 45 during his early appearances, Iwobi eventually settled on number 17 as his preferred choice.

The decision to switch to number 17 was not arbitrary; it held personal significance for Iwobi. In an interview, he revealed that he chose this particular number as a tribute to his uncle and former Nigerian international footballer, Jay-Jay Okocha. Okocha had an illustrious career and wore the same number during his playing days.

The influence of family ties

Family ties often play a significant role in shaping an athlete’s career choices and preferences. For Alex Iwobi, paying homage to his uncle through his kit number serves as a constant reminder of his roots and serves as motivation to continue building upon Okocha’s legacy.

Additionally, wearing the same number as his uncle helps Iwobi feel a sense of connection and pride in representing both his family and his country on the football field. It also serves as a source of inspiration for young Nigerian players who look up to both Iwobi and Okocha.

Personal attachment and superstitions

Beyond the familial connection, some players develop personal attachments to their kit numbers. They may associate certain numbers with past successes or memorable moments in their careers. This attachment can often lead to superstitions, where players believe that wearing a specific number brings them luck or enhances their performance.

In Iwobi’s case, the number 17 has become synonymous with his identity as a player. It represents not only his admiration for his uncle but also symbolizes the hard work, dedication, and passion he puts into every game.

In conclusion, Alex Iwobi’s choice to wear the kit number 17 holds deep personal significance for him. By honoring his uncle Jay-Jay Okocha through this number, Iwobi pays tribute to his family’s footballing legacy while also drawing inspiration from it. The kit number becomes more than just a numerical identifier; it becomes an emblem of identity, pride, and motivation for one of Arsenal’s most promising talents on the field.

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