Is the Calm App a Must-Have for Supporting Your Mental Health?

Photo Courtesy: Adene Sanchez/E/Getty Images

These days, we could all use a little more calm. But this type of calm is more than just the feeling of serenity we’re trying to achieve in our (metaphorically) stormy world. Calm is also a widely successful meditation app that’s helping millions of people relax, focus and sleep. It has been dubbed "the world’s happiest app" by the Center for Humane Technology, and with the seeming overabundance of chaos that's swept the globe, it’s no wonder there have been over 50 million downloads and counting.

Not only has Calm become a household name for those looking to learn the art of meditation, but it’s also seeking to help people tackle workplace burnout — the app also launched an initiative to become part of corporate employee benefits packages. It even has its own series, A World of Calm, on HBO Max. But is the app really that beneficial to a person’s mental health, or is it merely a clever business model taking advantage of an unhealthy world?