Have Fitbit FOMO? Find the Health Tracker That’s Right for You

Photo Courtesy: Rich Fury/Getty Images for Fitbit

If you know someone who’s a Fitbit loyalist, you’ve probably heard the common refrain of, "Hold on — I need to get my steps in" or watched someone do laps around the office in order to hit a movement goal. As an outsider to the world of high-tech fitness pedometers, it might’ve seemed a bit odd. But with the COVID-19 pandemic keeping us inside and making regular fitness routines more difficult or less accessible, you might be starting to finally feel some Fitbit FOMO.

Sure, it’s a trend you don’t want to be left out of, but, more than that, health trackers are a great way to hold yourself accountable to movement goals and monitor your sleeping habits. Best of all, Fitbit offers a health tracker that’s right for you no matter your needs — and, when it comes to finding the best of the best, we’ve taken the first step for you.