Behind-the-Scenes: The Making of ‘The Chosen’ – An Insider’s Perspective

The Chosen is a groundbreaking television series that retells the story of Jesus and his disciples from a fresh perspective. This multi-season show has captured the hearts of millions of viewers around the world, who have been moved by its powerful storytelling and stunning visuals. But what goes into making such an ambitious project? In this article, we’ll take you behind-the-scenes and give you an insider’s perspective on how The Chosen was made.

The Inspiration Behind ‘The Chosen’

The idea for The Chosen came from director Dallas Jenkins, who was inspired by his own experiences as a Christian. He wanted to create a show that would resonate with believers and non-believers alike, and that would present Jesus as a relatable and human figure. To achieve this goal, Jenkins enlisted a team of writers who worked closely with him to develop the show’s characters and storylines.

One of the key elements that sets The Chosen apart is its focus on character development. Each episode explores the motivations and struggles of different characters, giving viewers a deeper understanding of their inner lives. This approach has been praised for its realism and emotional impact, as it allows viewers to connect with the characters on a personal level.

Casting ‘The Chosen’

Casting for The Chosen was an extensive process that involved auditions in multiple countries. Jenkins was determined to find actors who could bring authenticity and depth to their roles, while also embodying the spirit of Jesus’ disciples.

One actor who stood out during auditions was Jonathan Roumie, who plays Jesus in the series. Roumie’s performance has been widely praised for its warmth, compassion, and humanity – qualities that are essential to portraying Jesus in a relatable way.

Other notable cast members include Shahar Isaac as Simon Peter, Elizabeth Tabish as Mary Magdalene, and Paras Patel as Thomas. Each actor brings their own unique talents and perspectives to their roles, helping to create a rich and diverse ensemble.

Production Design and Visual Effects

The Chosen is known for its stunning production design and visual effects, which transport viewers back to ancient Israel. The show’s creative team worked closely with historians and archaeologists to ensure that every detail was historically accurate, from the costumes to the sets.

One of the most impressive aspects of The Chosen’s production design is its use of practical effects. Rather than relying solely on computer-generated imagery (CGI), the show uses practical effects like fire, water, and animals to create a sense of realism. This approach has been praised for its authenticity and has helped to immerse viewers in the world of the show.

Distribution and Audience Reception

The Chosen is unique in that it is funded by donations from viewers rather than traditional broadcasters or studios. This approach has allowed Jenkins and his team to maintain creative control over the project while also building a dedicated fan base.

Since its debut in 2017, The Chosen has become a global phenomenon with millions of viewers tuning in each week. Its success can be attributed in part to its innovative distribution model – episodes are available for free on multiple platforms including YouTube, Facebook, and The Chosen app.


In conclusion, The Chosen is an ambitious project that has captured the hearts of viewers around the world. Its focus on character development, talented cast members, stunning production design, innovative distribution model have made this series one-of-a-kind. By taking an insider’s perspective on how ‘The Chosen’ was made we can appreciate all that went into making this incredible show that tells an age-old story with fresh eyes.

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