The iPhone 12 and Some of the Most Anticipated New Smartphones of 2020

Photo Courtesy: Rick Maiman/Bloomberg/Getty Images

It’s always exciting when you’re ready to upgrade your smartphone, and if you’re an Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy fan, then you probably wait with great anticipation to see what each new smartphone will offer. Although releases of updated and new models typically come during certain times of the year, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic ended up pushing back the timelines somewhat. But now that the delayed releases have finally started taking place, we're learning just how capable (and let's face it, cool) the latest devices really are.

Many things have been bumpy in 2020, but these recent and upcoming smartphone releases have given us something to look forward to — at least for a while. From Apple's much anticipated iPhone 12 to breakout successes like Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 and the OneNote 8 Pro, some of the most impressive smartphones to date are poised to make the year a little better for everyone.