13 Must-Read Books & Collections by Indigenous Writers

Photo Courtesy: Goodreads

November is Native American Heritage Month and numerous states are participating in this observance. The National Congress of American Indians describes Heritage Month as "an opportune time to educate the general public about tribes" as well as an occasion to acknowledge past and present challenges that Indigenous people face. Moreover, Heritage Month highlights how "tribal citizens have worked to conquer these challenges" over the years.

President Joe Biden previously issued a proclamation ahead of Indigenous Peoples’ Day, and he did the same at the cusp of Native American Heritage Month. President Biden officially declared "November 2021 as National Native American Heritage Month." Federal support for America's Indigenous population is certainly appreciated, but there are also numerous other ways to show support.

Attending rallies for Indigenous-led climate justice efforts, supporting the Land Back movement, and providing mutual aid funds to Indigenous-led organizations are also great ways to honor Heritage Month. You can also educate yourself by reading the works of Indigenous authors and poets. Here, we’ve compiled a list of must-read works by incredible writers. Of course, self-education isn’t all about learning history; while understanding history from other perspectives is essential, these works, which range from coming-of-age memoirs to renowned poetry collections, capture the varied, nuanced experiences of Indigenous folks living in the present-day United States.