7 Books to Provide Perspective on Life in Afghanistan

Photo Courtesy: [Goodreads]

After 20 years of military occupation and combat, the United States is planning to pull out of Afghanistan. This decision grows more controversial by the day. It might feel like everyone has a hot take on it right now. Looking at the two decades of U.S. involvement and the decades of diplomatic disarray, there is so much to take in. Cable news, documentaries, and teachers can help you learn more about this. Sometimes, however, it’s best to turn off all your screens and open a book (or turn on your e-reader or hit “play” on your audiobook).  

To help, we’ve compiled a list of books that provide a range of context and first-person insights into what was (and is) actually going on in Afghanistan. After all, Afghanistan is a country with a heritage that predates the U.S., so learning about the country outside of the “War on Terror” is important. Whether you’re for or against the Afghanistan War — or you’re still developing your thoughts — these books can help guide you to a more thoughtful, well-rounded opinion.