Building an Empire in Grepolis: Effective City Planning Strategies

Grepolis is an online strategy game that allows players to build their own ancient civilization and expand their empire. One of the key aspects of success in Grepolis is effective city planning. Properly organizing your cities can make a significant difference in your resource production, defensive capabilities, and overall growth. In this article, we will explore some effective city planning strategies that can help you build a powerful empire in Grepolis.

Resource Management

One of the first things to consider when planning your cities in Grepolis is resource management. Resources such as wood, stone, silver, and population play a crucial role in the development and expansion of your empire. To ensure steady growth, it is important to have a balanced distribution of these resources across your cities.

To achieve this balance, it is recommended to designate specific cities for specialized resource production. For example, you can have one city focused on wood production with sawmills and lumberyards, while another city focuses on stone production with quarries and stonemasons. This way, you can maximize the efficiency of each city and avoid wasting resources.

Additionally, it is essential to construct warehouses and granaries in each city to store excess resources. These buildings will protect your resources from enemy raids and allow you to stockpile reserves for future expansion or emergencies.

Defensive Strategy

In Grepolis, protecting your cities from enemy attacks is vital for maintaining control over your territories. Developing a solid defensive strategy should be a priority when planning your cities.

One effective approach is to create layers of defense by building walls around each city. Walls provide additional protection against enemy forces by slowing down their advance and giving your troops more time to respond. Additionally, upgrading walls increases their defensive capabilities.

Strategic placement of defensive structures such as towers and barracks can also bolster your city’s defenses. Towers can provide ranged support, while barracks allow you to train troops quickly for defense or counterattacks. It is advisable to position these structures near vulnerable areas, such as resource fields or the city center.

City Upgrades and Specialization

As your empire grows, it is important to upgrade your cities and specialize them for specific purposes. Each city has limited building slots, so it is crucial to prioritize upgrades that align with your overall strategy.

For instance, if you are focusing on military dominance, upgrading your barracks and training grounds should be a priority. This will allow you to train stronger troops and increase their numbers more efficiently. On the other hand, if you aim for economic prosperity, investing in marketplaces and trade ports can boost your trading capabilities and generate additional income.

Furthermore, special buildings like temples and theaters can provide various bonuses to your cities. Temples offer divine favors that can enhance resource production or provide defensive benefits during battles. Theaters increase happiness in your cities, which improves productivity and reduces the chance of rebellions.

Alliance Cooperation

In Grepolis, alliances play a crucial role in conquering territories and defending against enemy attacks. When planning your cities, it is essential to consider cooperation with alliance members.

Coordinating with alliance members allows for better defense by sharing resources and coordinating attacks on common enemies. It is advisable to position cities strategically within alliance territories for better coordination and support.

Additionally, establishing trade routes with alliance members can significantly enhance resource production by providing access to rare resources that may not be available in your own cities.


Effective city planning is a key component of success in Grepolis. By focusing on resource management, defensive strategy, city upgrades, and alliance cooperation, you can build a strong empire that stands the test of time. Remember to adapt your strategies based on the ever-changing dynamics of the game world and always be open to learning from experienced players. Good luck on your journey to becoming a formidable ruler in Grepolis.

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