Capture It All: Exploring Different Screenshot Tools for Laptops

In today’s digital age, capturing screenshots has become an essential skill for laptop users. Whether you want to save a memorable moment from a video call, highlight an important piece of information, or simply share something interesting with your friends, knowing how to make a screenshot on your laptop is crucial. Luckily, there are various screenshot tools available that make this task easier than ever before. In this article, we will explore different screenshot tools for laptops and guide you through the process of capturing screenshots effortlessly.

The Built-in Screenshot Tool: Snipping Tool (Windows)

If you’re using a Windows laptop, you’re in luck because it comes with a built-in screenshot tool called Snipping Tool. To access it, simply type “Snipping Tool” in the search bar and click on the application that appears. Once opened, you’ll be presented with options to capture a rectangular snip, free-form snip, window snip, or full-screen snip.

If you prefer keyboard shortcuts over using the mouse, Windows also offers a quick way to capture screenshots. Pressing the “PrtScn” button on your keyboard will capture the entire screen while pressing “Alt + PrtScn” will capture only the active window. Once captured, you can paste it into an image editing software or any other application where images can be pasted.

Third-Party Screenshot Tools: Lightshot and Greenshot

While the built-in tools are sufficient for most users’ needs, some prefer more advanced features and customization options when it comes to capturing screenshots on their laptops. This is where third-party screenshot tools like Lightshot and Greenshot come into play.

Lightshot is a popular cross-platform tool that allows users to capture specific areas of their screen by selecting them with their mouse cursor. After capturing the desired area, Lightshot provides various editing options such as adding text, arrows, and shapes. Additionally, it allows users to directly upload their screenshots to the cloud for easy sharing.

Greenshot is another powerful screenshot tool that offers similar features to Lightshot. However, Greenshot goes a step further by providing additional options like capturing a full webpage (scrolling capture) and capturing screenshots of specific windows or regions. Greenshot also enables users to annotate their screenshots with text boxes, highlights, and blurring sensitive information.

Cloud-based Screenshot Tools: Nimbus Screenshot and Evernote

If you often find yourself needing to access your screenshots from different devices or share them with others instantly, cloud-based screenshot tools are the way to go. Nimbus Screenshot and Evernote are two popular options in this category.

Nimbus Screenshot allows users to capture screenshots of entire web pages or specific areas within them. It offers a user-friendly interface with editing tools like cropping, resizing, and adding text. Once captured, you can save your screenshot locally or upload it directly to the Nimbus Note platform for easy access across multiple devices.

Evernote is primarily known as a note-taking app but also includes powerful screenshot capabilities. With Evernote’s Web Clipper extension installed on your laptop’s web browser, you can easily capture full-page screenshots of web articles or any other online content. These screenshots are then automatically synced across all your devices through the Evernote cloud.


Capturing screenshots on your laptop doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Whether you prefer using the built-in tools provided by your operating system or want more advanced features from third-party applications, there is a screenshot tool out there that suits your needs. From Snipping Tool on Windows laptops to versatile options like Lightshot and Greenshot, or cloud-based tools like Nimbus Screenshot and Evernote – these tools will help you capture anything on your laptop screen effortlessly. So go ahead, explore these different screenshot tools, and start capturing and sharing your screen with ease.

This text was generated using a large language model, and select text has been reviewed and moderated for purposes such as readability.