Most Disgusting Fast Food Menu Items, Ranked

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With the launch of its first fried chicken sandwich, fast food chain Popeyes created a viral sensation that sparked a surge of renewed interest in the restaurant. Fast foodies and occasional diners alike took to Twitter to share their opinions on how the chicken sandwich stacked up to the competition, leading to long lines and sold-out sandwiches nationwide.

Needless to say, introducing a new menu item can do wonders for your favorite chain — but it can also lead to culinary inventions that are downright gross. From KFC’s Double Down Dog to McDonald’s stab at a lobster roll, we count down the most disgusting fast food menu items ever.   

#30. Whopperito | Burger King

Burgers and burritos — without a doubt, these are two popular fast food staples. It’s no wonder someone got creative over at Burger King and decided to combine the two. Taking inspiration from the chain’s signature Whopper, this fusion features ground beef with a spicy seasoning, queso sauce, lettuce, tomato and pickles — all conveniently wrapped in a tortilla.

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Initially released exclusively in Pennsylvania stores, the Whopperito allegedly “sparked widespread demand from guests,” and Burger King took it nationwide. Although many foodies speculated that the introduction of this burrito-wannabe was meant to compete with Chipotle, the president of Burger King’s North American branch assured the public that “[the Whopperito was made] just to get peoples’ attention.”

Whatever the intention, the Whopperito is one of the more tame limited-edition menu items. (We can’t believe we’re saying that either!)

#29. Mountain Dew A.M. | Taco Bell

From Baja Blast to Code Red, there’s a Mountain Dew flavor for every occasion, and most are available at your friendly neighborhood Taco Bell. In 2012, the chain took their soda partnership to the next level. It just so happened that Taco Bell was rolling out its line of breakfast foods at the time, and execs decided guests would need a beverage to accompany their egg “Scramblers” and hashbrowns. Enter Mountain Dew A.M.

Photo Courtesy: Trainmaster718/Mountain Dew Wiki/Fandom Wiki

The concept is simple: Add an extremely popular breakfast drink to the chain’s bestselling soda. Thankfully, the beverage in question wasn’t coffee — that’s a solid Dew Not — but orange juice. Mountain Dew A.M. is like a mimosa with soda substituted for champagne. It’s not atrocious, but it’s also not the greatest, particularly if you’re anywhere near a Taco Bell Cantina.

#28. Kit Kat Chocoladilla | Taco Bell

Always looking to expand its menu, Taco Bell attempted to add more to its limited repertoire of sweets in 2017. In the past, the chain had tried its hand at dessert quesadillas, including a s’mores-inspired one at locations in Spain, but the most infamous ended up being the Kit Kat Chocoladilla, which initially launched as a test product in the UK.

Photo Courtesy: @tomalexander19/Twitter

The Kit Kat Chocoladilla, later renamed Chocodilla, is exactly what it sounds like: a grilled flour tortilla stuffed with melted chocolate and chunks of Kit Kat bars. Yes, you could take some on-sale Halloween candy and make this yourself, but why would you go to the trouble? The best part about the Chocodilla was its price — $1.

Taco Bell tried out a range of crushed-up candy bars, from Twix to Butterfinger and Baby Ruth bars.

#27. “Cookie Dough” Chicken Tenders | Popeyes

Popeyes struck gold recently with its fried chicken sandwich, but it had a few limited-edition releases in the past that didn’t result in the same appeal. One of those questionable entries was called Sweet & Crunchy Tenders, which were branded as “cookie dough” tenders. Of course, the delectable pieces of chicken weren’t exactly coated in chocolate chip batter, but they were fried in a shortbread cookie coating.

Photo Courtesy: @jealousfoodies/Twitter

The end result? Chicken strips that were both lightly sweet and appropriately crunchy — and wildly long lines at Popeyes locations. Clearly, this is one menu item that sounds strange but delivers on the appealing salty-sweet combo. One reviewer for Foodbeast remarked on the tenders’ quality saying, “Popeyes continues their streak of ‘sh-t that they keep doing right.'”

#26. Hula Burger | McDonald’s

The availability of McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish may be limited in some areas, but the iconic sandwich makes a nationwide debut every year around the time of Lent, when Catholics abstain from eating meat (particularly on Fridays) in the leadup to Easter. Having withstood the test of time, the popular fish sandwich is undoubtedly a clever menu addition. In an attempt to replicate that success, McDonald’s decided to test the waters with another meatless burger in the 1960s.

Photo Courtesy: @Pichu445/Twitter

Inspired by the success of the Filet-O-Fish, Catholic franchise owner Louis M. Groan proposed the Hula Burger, which he believed would outdo the seafood substitute. The concept was simple: Serve a thick slice of grilled pineapple topped with cheese on a bun. Unfortunately for Groen, the Hula Burger didn’t last long. McDonald’s nixed it, favoring its much more successful fish star.

Cheese and pineapple may work on a pizza, but, as much as we hate to admit it, just give us that Filet-O-Fish (give us that fish).

#25. Kit Kat Sandwich | First Kitchen

In Japan, the folks behind Kit Kat have gone full steam ahead on introducing a range of unique flavors. From edamame soybean and matcha green tea to wasabi and pear, there’s a Kit Kat for every craving. The Japan-based Wendy’s subsidiary known as First Kitchen took this love of the crunchy candy bar to a new level with the first-ever Kit Kat Sandwich.

Photo Courtesy: @luisete/Twitter

The sandwich is simple enough: white bread buns stuffed with the titular candy bar, a healthy serving of whipped cream and an orange peel. The Kit Kat in question is the traditional chocolate flavor, but it’s the “Kit Kat for Cafe” variety, meaning it’s crispier than the average Kit Kat and made for dunking.

Although most of the ingredients sound appealing, there’s something a little off-putting about the white bread. Still, it’s not the worst food item to try if you’re feeling adventurous.

#24. Cheetos Chicken Sandwich | KFC

Chester the Cheetah and Colonel Sanders teaming up? That’s one crossover we didn’t ask for, but we got it anyway in the form of the Cheeto Chicken Sandwich from KFC. This interesting chicken sandwich is dunked in a Cheetos glaze that looks radioactive and then topped with mayonnaise and a mountain of actual Cheetos. Unfortunately, the sandwich failed to live up to either of its promises: It wasn’t “dangerously cheesy,” and — surprise, surprise — it also wasn’t “finger lickin’ good.”

Photo Courtesy: @firstwefeast/Twitter

Let’s just say this team-up was nothing like Taco Bell’s iconic, longstanding, successful collaboration with Doritos. According to a critic at Thrillist, “There was no escaping the all-consuming taste of Cheetos dust.” Soaked with oily Cheetos sauce, the best thing about this sandwich was probably the added crunch, but there’s no doubt that potato chips on your sandwich do it better.

#23. Edible Coffee Cup | KFC

From the iconic establishment that brought you the Chizza and the Double Down Dog comes something truly surprising — the edible coffee cup. Nicknamed the Scoff-ee Cup, this edible container was released in the UK in 2015 to mark the collaboration between Seattle’s Best Coffee and KFC. Of course, one of the most shocking things about it was that someone would actually order coffee at KFC.

Photo Courtesy: @KianRadiates/Twitter

The Robin Collective, the London-based firm that helped KFC come up with this project, is also reportedly looking into options like edible spoons and medicinal marshmallows. The test cup was made from a biscuit (aka a cookie), which was then wrapped in a “sugar paper” and lined with allegedly heat-resistant white chocolate. That’s right — the coffee cup becomes a literal melt-in-your-mouth experience. The only issue? The hotter the coffee, the faster your cup melts.

“Maybe this isn’t the best cup for your coffee that’s straight out of the kettle,” a spokesperson for the firm told CNN. And considering we want our coffee hot, maybe this isn’t the best cup for us, either.

#22. Crown Crust Pizza | Pizza Hut

From making crusts out of mozzarella sticks to tossing chicken tenders on a pie, Pizza Hut will throw just about anything at the pizza oven to see if it sticks. One of the chain’s most ludicrous inventions was the (very regal) Crown Crust Pizza, a pizza-burger hybrid that just screams American gluttony. (Or maybe to an international audience, it screams American cuisine at its finest?)

Photo Courtesy: @Pizza_HutID/Twitter

Available exclusively at Pizza Hut locations in the Middle East, this abomination was essentially a cheeseburger pizza, finished off with a crust made of little “cheeseburger gems.” Like Burger King’s ploy with the Whopperito, Pizza Hut probably thought two foods as beloved as burgers and pizza couldn’t fail. Sadly, they were mistaken.

A reviewer for Serious Eats tried out the fast food fusion at Pizza Hut’s Dubai location, concluding, “There seems to be no rational explanation as to why this pizza was created.”

#21. Gracoro Burger | McDonald’s

If you’re not sure what a Gracoro Burger is, it may be because the name is a combination of two Japanese words: “gratin” and “korokke,” the latter being Japan’s version of a croquette. However, instead of being stuffed with chopped meat and veggies, the fried breadcrumb-crusted patty is filled with a mixture of creamy white sauce, shrimp and macaroni. It’s all topped off with a nice demi-glace sauce and a slice of cheddar.

Photo Courtesy: @DeKroonCat/Twitter

Since debuting in 1993, the Gracoro Burger has become massively popular. Available exclusively in the winter, this beloved sandwich has achieved a cult-like following, with many foodies likening its appeal to that of the McRib.

Although we applaud McDonald’s for taking a stab at something relevant to its local markets — and although there’s a huge fan base backing the Gracoro Burger — we still have a hard time trusting the “Golden Arches” with anything seafood-related.

#20. Kuro Burger | Burger King

Back in 2014, Burger King restaurants in Japan served up a brand new item — the Kuro Burger. Kuro, which means “black” in Japanese, describes the product perfectly. The buns and cheese on the burger are colored a sleek black, thanks to some added bamboo charcoal, but the gimmick doesn’t end there: Even the ketchup is colored black as a result of the squid ink added to the condiment.

Photo Courtesy: @danielkjellsson/Twitter

The black buns and ketchup were introduced to the public two years earlier, but the black cheese was a new addition. Still, just because something had been done before doesn’t mean it should have been done again, especially when that something looks so … unappealing — maybe even less appealing than the green and purple ketchup crazes of the early 2000s.

As for the taste? Well, if you can get over the unnatural hue of the bun and cheese to try it, you might agree with one reviewer on Gawker who declared, “It’s exactly like microwave salisbury steak.” To us, that’s far from an endorsement.

#19. Double Down Dog | KFC

In 2010, KFC announced the creation of its now-iconic Double Down sandwich — bacon, cheese and barbecue sauce on two fried chicken breast filets that served as the bun. The biggest joke of all? KFC put the Double Down on its April Fools’ Day press release, promoting it with the slogan “so much 100 percent premium chicken, we didn’t have room for a bun.”

Photo Courtesy: @universelyknow/Twitter

But what started as a ridiculous prank turned in to a top seller, so, naturally, KFC wanted to replicate that success. Cue the launch of the Double Down Dog. As the name implies, the Double Down Dog features a hot dog on a hot dog bun-shaped piece of fried chicken.

Although it was dubbed a “legendary sandwich,” it was available exclusively in the Philippines. With a limit of 50 Double Down Dogs available per day, KFCs sold out of this abomination rather quickly. We can only imagine that all those customers were just in it for the ‘gram. (Well, hopefully.)

#18. Vulcan Pizza | Nya Gul & Blå

Have you ever wanted a hummus plate, cheese and crackers, pizza and fries all at the same time? Well, Swedish-based pizzeria Nya Gul & Blå thought it would capitalize on literally any and all cravings its customers might experience — all at the same time. Dubbed the Vulcan Pizza, this ridiculous concoction takes “stuffed pizza” to the next level.

Photo Courtesy: @BenRosamond1/Twitter

The pie is shaped like a star, and each point is stuffed with toppings, from steak and bacon to mushrooms and cheese. In the star’s center, pie-makers place one of the saddest salads we’ve ever seen. And to top off the cucumber and lettuce shreds? A heap of greasy French fries and ambiguous dipping sauces. For $14, customers can customize each of the Vulcan’s “pockets,” so this standard version could turn out to be relatively tame.

Within a month of posting a picture of this cursed pizza on its Facebook page, Nya Gul & Blå saw the image rack up 13,000 likes, 5,000 comments and nearly 4,000 shares.

#17. Pumpkin Spice Fries | McDonald’s

These days, there’s winter, spring, summer and Pumpkin Spice Season™ (sorry, fall). From lattes and chocolates to Pringles and Oreos, it seems almost anything could be subjected to a pumpkin spice transformation. According to McDonald’s, even French fries aren’t exempt from this autumnal trend.

Photo Courtesy: @SteveBishopV100/Twitter

After experiencing a good deal of success in Japan with McChoco Potato — French fries soaked in chocolate sauce — McDonald’s thought it would try and replicate that success. Japan-based burger joints served up French fries drizzled in pumpkin and chocolate sauces. Dubbed the “Halloween McChoco Potato,” the seasonal treat was used to promote McDonald’s 45th anniversary in Japan and remained on the menu from September through Halloween of 2016.

#16. Arbynator | Arby’s

If you thought the turducken craze that swept the nation was a lot — remember when the internet discovered the magic of the three-bird roast? — then the Arbynator might not be for you. Like a chicken stuffed into a duck stuffed into a turkey, this towering Arby’s sandwich is all about the meat. Of course, it’s just about one type of meat, roast beef, but the sandwich comes in three sizes, with the heftiest weighing in at half a pound.

Photo Courtesy: @3sibe/Twitter

In addition to a mountain of roast beef, the Arbynator boasts cheddar sauce, Arby’s sauce, Horsey sauce and a mound of the chain’s beloved curly fries. Even though the Arbynator packs enough punch to send customers straight into a food coma, it was incredibly popular. So much so, in fact, that Arby’s decided to launch it nationwide.

Just like the cyborg assassin for which it’s named, the Arbynator will be back.

#15. Chizza | KFC

The Chizza is yet another example of taking two massively beloved and popular fast food items and combining them into a less beloved and way less popular hybrid. KFC billed the Chizza as its spin on a Hawaiian-style pizza — chicken ham, tomato sauce, cheese sauce, mozzarella and pineapple, all on a fried chicken base, in lieu of dough. While this may sound intriguing in theory, the Chizza’s reality was like a weird take on chicken parm that didn’t quite pan out.

Photo Courtesy: @aylaa/Twitter

Like the Double Down Dog, the Chizza was released exclusively at KFC locations in the Philippines. Excited customers queued up for a chance to try the item — but quickly took to Twitter to express the incredible “expectation versus reality” gap. KFC seemed unbothered by the online mockery — or maybe they were just into the free press.

Whatever the case, the popular fast food chain announced they’re “always looking to introduce delicious new products to our menu and are really excited about the incredible response Chizza has received around the world.” As the saying goes, all press is good press — even when Chizza is involved.

#14. Star Edge Pizza | Pizza Hut

From hot dog-stuffed crusts to a loaded pizza ringed with eight miniature meat pies, Pizza Hut has sold some ridiculous products over the years. While it’s difficult to pick just one stand-out abomination, the Star Edge Pizza, released exclusively in South Korea, definitely has a gross-out advantage. Coming in at $32 a pop, this pie promises a soup to nuts meal experience, and you really get what you pay for — app, entree and a bit of dessert.

Photo Courtesy: @taro3yen/Twitter

It’s possible the pizza engineers were tired of inventing new stuffed crusts and novelty pies every few months, because Pizza Hut threw everything and the kitchen sink at the Star Edge. The pizza is topped with surf (shrimp, calamari), turf (sausage, steak, bacon) and goodies from the garden (broccoli, peppers, onions). Looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth? No problem. The crust is made up of turnovers stuffed with cream cheese and cinnamon apples or cranberries.

The Star Edge begs the question: Have we gone too far?

#13. Buffalo Latte | Tim Hortons

Before you mock Starbucks’ latest Unicorn Frappuccino or Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew (yes, that’s real), take stock of what Tim Hortons serves up. Canada’s famed quick service chain specializes in coffee and donuts, but that doesn’t mean it’s the be-all-end-all authority on espresso experiments. Take the Buffalo Latte, for example. Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like: espresso, steamed milk, a bit of mocha and a “bold Buffalo sauce flavor.”

Photo Courtesy: @peeweeherman/Twitter

In 2017, maybe Tim Hortons thought pumpkin spice was so 2016, but we’re still doubtful this concoction was the best alternative. Fall says pumpkins and apples or maybe a bucket of wings at the game, but it should not say Buffalo Latte. Of course, for residents of Buffalo, New York — birthplace of the titular wings — fall might be synonymous with this zesty beverage, at least for that short trial period.

“The unlikely pairing of sweet mocha and tangy Buffalo sauce come together to create an unexpectedly delicious sweet and spicy treat,” said Stephen Goldstein, the president of Tim Hortons U.S. branch. “We hope our guests will enjoy it.”

Spoiler alert: Customers didn’t enjoy it enough for the Buffalo Latte to stick around.

#12. Foie Gras | Wendy’s

The next item on our countdown is only sold outside the US, although probably not in the country you would expect. Made from duck or goose liver, foie gras is a luxury item. According to French law, a “true” foie gras comes from the liver of a duck or goose that’s been fattened with corn — and force fed the corn at that. All this already makes the French delicacy sound unappealing, but execs at Wendy’s thought differently.

Photo Courtesy: @lexdepraxis/Twitter

In 2011, Wendy’s introduced its Foie Gras Burger in its Japan-based restaurants. (Maybe execs were afraid France wouldn’t approve, as it wasn’t true foie gras.) Truth be told, photos make us equally skeptical. Wendy’s claimed the $16 burger — topped with truffle butter — would help them revolutionize the way folks thought of fast food. This release was also an attempt to outpace Burger King as the second-most popular burger joint in the world. A creative effort, for sure.

#11. Firecracker Burrito | Taco Bell

Life, liberty and the pursuit of burritos. Shockingly, the Firecracker Burrito wasn’t a Fourth of July marketing gimmick — although we’re thinking this was a real missed opportunity. After a late summer test run in California, Taco Bell released this orange-hued product in the fall of 2017. This burrito is stuffed with the usual beef, rice, cheese and sour cream, but it also features one mind-blowing — or at least one mind-snap-crackle-popping — ingredient: cayenne-flavored popping crystals.

Photo Courtesy: @SteveBishopV100

If you ever dared to eat Pop Rocks as a kid — a candy that fizzles and pops in your mouth — than you already understand the basic sensation here. The popping crystals came in a packet so customers could season-to-taste.

A reviewer at Foodbeast warned customers against adding too many of the Tabasco-esque crystals to avoid making the burrito a bit too sweet. In the end, the critic decided the fiery burrito wasn’t terrible, but the Pop Rocks sensation was “not a pleasant feeling.”

#10. Buffalo Crunch Donut | Tim Hortons

If you thought the Buffalo Latte was a turn off, wait ’til you hear that coffee-and-donut chain Tim Hortons took the Buffalo gimmick a step further with the Buffalo Crunch Donut. Available exclusively at the New York State Fair in Syracuse, this pastry was the brainchild of Anthony McEachern, who invents a fun, new donut for Tim Hortons and the fair every year. In 2014, McEachern truly outdid himself by embracing and incorporating upstate New York’s iconic Buffalo sauce.

Photo Courtesy: @VirginRadioWPG/Twitter

The yeast donut is glazed lightly in the hot sauce and then topped with crumbled Buffalo kettle chips. The donut’s center holds a pool of Buffalo sauce, almost like a frosting, with bits of tortilla chip sticking out. The donut itself is meant to tear apart in little nubs, allowing you to easily pull it apart and dip the pieces into the Buffalo sauce pool.

In an interview with Fast Company, a Buffalo native said, “Besides being gross, it’s not a totally insane combo since Tim Hortons is all over Buffalo.” Despite this logic, we’re not too sad about missing out on this one.

#9. Shrimp & Beef Burger | McDonald’s

From time to time, we all love to indulge in a little surf and turf, but usually that kind of meal involves sitting down at a fancy steakhouse or an oceanside seafood restaurant. Well, for McDonald’s customers in South Korea, forking over the big bucks for surf and turf may not be necessary. In 2016, the world’s most popular burger joint introduced the Shrimp and Beef Burger.

Photo Courtesy: @Phylter52/Twitter

In addition to the normal suspects — beef patty, lettuce, tomato, sauce — this special sandwich features an additional crispy patty stuffed with whole shrimp. And believe it or not, this wasn’t the chain’s first foray into shrimp-based burgers. In Japan, customers can purchase what’s been dubbed the “Filet-O-Shrimp,” a sandwich that features panko-crusted shrimp and shrimp tempura sauce.

Still, McDonald’s + seafood will always raise some red flags for us.

#8. Deep-Fried Salmon Bites | KFC

Speaking of red flags, few things churn our stomachs more than this product — deep-fried salmon bites. In fact, we’d probably take a Chizza over this KFC creation. If the chicken-loving fast food joint is going to take on seafood, we’d much prefer it stick to a more basic fish. For some reason, it seems like there’s much more room for error with storing and preparing salmon.

Photo Courtesy: @FSologists_AK/Twitter

This Japan-only treat was spawned from one of the most delightful cross-promotional efforts on our list. Sanrio, makers of the popular Hello Kitty character, introduced a new mascot for KFC Japan. Named Agemi-kun, it was a humanoid-bodied character with a giant salmon filet for a head and a dollop of tartar sauce atop that head. Agemi-kun joined Sanrio’s Kirimi-chan, also filet-headed.

Although we’re sorry to have missed out on these iconic mascots, avoiding the KFC take on salmon is A-okay with us.

#7. The Witch Doctor | Whataburger

Whataburger is a popular fast food burger joint in the southern United States. Like most great burger joints, it entices customers with its all-beef patties, salty French fries and … pickle-riddled sodas? You read that correctly: Whataburger’s “Witch Doctor” drink has become a sensation at the Concord, North Carolina, location.

Photo Courtesy: @BabylonVonWyre/Twitter

Sounding more like a witch’s brew than any sort of remedy, the Witch Doctor comes in a few different varieties. Most locals consider its foundational elements to be a healthy dose of Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Sierra Mist, Sun Drop, cherry flavoring, Cheerwine, lemon and — of course — pickles. It sounds like a twisted, non-alcoholic version of a Long Island iced tea or the sort of concoction you and your bored younger sibling crafted at the dinner table, mixing liquids and condiments into a Triple-Dog-Dare-You drink.

But the Witch Doctor is an actual menu item, floating pickles and all. And Concord locals wouldn’t have it any other way.

#6. CheeZee Marmite-Stuffed Crust Pizza | Pizza Hut

Vegemite’s cousin, Marmite, is a food spread made from yeast extract, a by-product of making beer. Popular in Britain and New Zealand, Marmite’s official marketing slogan is “Love it or hate it.” Often, it’s spread on toast, biscuits or crackers, and much like Vegemite, a little Marmite goes a long way. Clearly, Pizza Hut didn’t get that message.

Photo Courtesy: @CliffBWoods/Twitter

One of the fast food pizzeria’s latest abominations is its CheeZee Marmite-Stuffed Crust Pizza. Just when you thought Pizza Hut was slowing its participation in the stuffed crust fad, this happens. The pizza’s outer crust is hollow. Inside, Pizza Hut bakes in mozzarella and a layer of Marmite. The pizza also features a whopping three times the normal amount of cheese. We can only hope that the levels of Marmite aren’t so egregious.

#5. McLobster | McDonald’s

The advertisements claim the McDonald’s lobster roll is made from “100% Atlantic lobster.” If you look closely in that morass of mayo and lettuce, you can even make out a lobster claw, so maybe it’s not a total fantasy. Introduced in 1993, the McLobster has — against all odds — become a seasonal offering in Canada and New England.

Photo Courtesy: @chicagotribune/Twitter

There’s not a whole lot to say about it: It’s basically a hot dog bun filled with lettuce, alleged lobster, mayo and the vaguely titled “lobster sauce.” Unsurprisingly, the roll makes McDonald’s very little money, due to the cost of the product. With this menu item coming in at the low-low-low price of $9, you may want to consider looking for better options if you find yourself in New England during the summer months.

#4. Flying Fish Salmon Roe-Stuffed Pizza | Pizza Hut

That’s right — the fast food version of salmon roe pizza you never asked for is here. Yet again, Pizza Hut is on a mission to stuff everything and anything into the crust of a pie. While Marmite was off-putting, salmon eggs prepared by Pizza Hut have got to be the most off-putting. After all, it’s difficult to trust seafood from a fast food joint in general, so trusting Pizza Hut, of all places, to handle caviar seems ludicrous.

Photo Courtesy: @SteveVilnit/Twitter

Customers who live in Hong Kong have the opportunity to eat this seafood pizza to end all seafood pizzas. This seemingly innocuous cheese pizza’s crust is stuffed full of salmon roe and cream cheese. Toppings include the mouthwatering Pizza Hut-quality “scallops, shrimp, clams, crayfish and a spritz of lemon,” according to the chain.

#3. Lobster & Caviar Sandwich | Wendy’s

After launching their Foie Gras Burger, Wendy’s took another stab at the Japanese burger chain market by debuting yet another “upscale” item. This time the offerings included the Lobster Surf and Turf Burger — which would normally be the worst thing imaginable — and the Premium Caviar and Lobster Sandwich — which wins as the worst thing imaginable.

Photo Courtesy: @GetLost4U/Twitter

In an attempt to capitalize on the lobster market, which hit an all-time low, Wendy’s thought the lobster and caviar sandwich represented a clear path to victory over competitor Burger King. Selling for roughly $16.28, the Lobster and Caviar Sandwich includes a healthy does of claw meat as well as lobster salad. It’s also topped with a mayo-and-mustard sauce and sprinkled with caviar.

This item approaches the top of our list not only for being a seafood item, but for containing both shellfish and fish eggs — two things we just don’t want from Wendy’s when we order a Frosty. Caviar and fast food chains just shouldn’t mix.

#2. Edible Nail Polish | KFC

KFC took its “finger lickin’ good” motto to new extremes when it introduced a line of edible nail polish in 2016. The bizarre polishes come in different chicken-themed flavors, including “Original” and “Hot & Spicy,” just like the drumsticks. Although it seems completely outrageous to apply polish that you can lick off, it’s a real possibility, thanks to Colonel Sanders and the powers that be.

Photo Courtesy: @BuzzFeed/Twitter

If curiosity is getting the best of you, unfortunately, these polishes weren’t widely available. Coming in colors ranging from red to pink, the edible beauty products were available exclusively on Hong Kong menus. KFC reps noted, “This campaign is designed to be intriguing and fun to increase excitement around the KFC brand in Hong Kong.”

This further proves that from the Double Down to edible nail polish, all of these novelty items have one key purpose: to keep a brand relevant, even if it’s only for a brief, Instagrammable moment.

#1. Seafood Salad | Taco Bell

Taco Bell is the place you go after a long night of partying or when you decide to go full Crunchwrap Supreme because you can’t make up your mind between a soft or crunchy taco. It’s certainly not where you go to indulge in the freshest catches from the sea. But back in the ’80s, Taco Bell wanted to make its fast food menu a bit “healthier.”

Photo Courtesy: MrClassicAds1980s/YouTube

If this seems nonsensical to you, you’re correct, but, unfortunately, Taco Bell execs were determined to chase the idea of good ol’ nutritional value. In 1986, the chain released an item that sounds healthy — a salad. But it wasn’t just any salad — it was a seafood salad. Not only was the salad perceived as “healthy” (as they had hoped), but it also had the added benefit of competing with the highly popular Filet-O-Fish from McDonald’s.

Topped with whitefish, shrimp, snow crab (of all things!) and an unsettling amount of black olives, this seafood monstrosity was thankfully short-lived and yanked from Taco Bell’s menu not long after its debut.