One Month Later: Embarrassing Things We’ve Done During Shelter-in-Place

Photo Courtesy: Netflix/IMDb

Sheltering-in-place to help slow the spread of the coronavirus is a challenge we’ve accepted for the greater good of the world. For a lot of us, being stuck inside has essentially disrupted our old routines for the foreseeable future, but the cost of carrying on normally is far worse. The devastation COVID-19 has wreaked on our communities and loved ones is dominating our collective consciousness, so we’ve got to keep ourselves occupied.

We can try to reduce our understandably increased levels of stress and anxiety with tasks as simple as showering daily or making our beds (both have been proven to help reduce anxiety and depression), but it’s still worth it to try out something new — especially after a month. 

However, not everything is worth doing twice. After weeks of indoor experimentation, there are a few things we’ll be happy to leave behind once sheltering-in-place is long in the past.