Everything You Need to Know About Yellowstone Season 5’s Availability on Peacock

Yellowstone, the hit TV series starring Kevin Costner, has gained a massive following since its debut in 2018. Fans of the show eagerly await each new season, and with the recent release of Season 4, many are already wondering about the availability of Yellowstone Season 5 on Peacock. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about whether or not Yellowstone Season 5 will be available on Peacock.

The Current Streaming Landscape

Before we dive into the specifics of Yellowstone Season 5’s availability on Peacock, let’s take a look at the current streaming landscape. With the rise of streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+, viewers have more options than ever when it comes to accessing their favorite shows and movies. Each platform offers its own unique content library and exclusive programming.

Yellowstone’s Current Streaming Situation

As of now, Yellowstone is not available to stream on Peacock. However, that doesn’t mean it won’t be in the future. The show is currently available for streaming on Paramount+, which is owned by ViacomCBS. Paramount+ offers a wide range of popular TV shows and movies from networks like CBS, MTV, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, and more.

The Possibility of Yellowstone Season 5 on Peacock


While there has been no official announcement regarding Yellowstone Season 5’s availability on Peacock, it’s important to consider the business side of streaming platforms. In recent years, we have seen an increase in exclusive deals between content creators and streaming services. These deals often involve making certain shows or movies exclusive to one platform for a specific period before they become available elsewhere.

Given that ViacomCBS owns both Paramount+ and Yellowstone, there is a possibility that after an initial exclusivity period on Paramount+, future seasons of Yellowstone could become available on Peacock. This would not be unprecedented, as we have seen similar deals occur between other networks and streaming platforms.


Alternatives to Streaming Yellowstone Season 5

If you’re eagerly waiting for Yellowstone Season 5 but don’t have access to Paramount+ or Peacock, there are still alternative ways to enjoy the show. DVDs and Blu-rays of each season are typically released after the season has aired, allowing fans to own physical copies of their favorite episodes. Additionally, some cable providers may offer on-demand options for viewing past seasons of Yellowstone.

In conclusion, while Yellowstone Season 5 is currently not available on Peacock, there is a possibility that it may become available in the future. As streaming platforms continue to evolve and strike exclusive deals with content creators, it’s important for fans to stay tuned for any official announcements regarding the show’s availability. In the meantime, there are alternative options such as Paramount+ or owning physical copies of the show for those who can’t wait to dive back into the world of Yellowstone.


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