Everything You Need to Know About the Samsung Galaxy S20

Photo Courtesy: Michael Short/Bloomberg/Getty Images

Each year, Samsung and Apple continue to try to outdo one another in their quest to provide the industry’s best phones, and consumers get to reap the rewards of all that creativity in the form of some truly amazing gadgets. With the recent release of the Samsung Galaxy S20, the company took another solid swipe at Apple by incorporating Night Mode photography and powerful artificial intelligence technology into their camera and video capabilities. The phones also capitalize on premium 5G technology to take streaming and downloads to the next level in speed. 

The S20 series is also sleek and smooth, with plenty of visual appeal as well as the power of the latest Android operating system. The phones even have a couple of interesting new color options, depending on the model chosen. If you’re a fan of Samsung phones, you won’t be disappointed in the cool new features available on these models. Whether you’re searching for a phone for an upgrade or you’re just curious about the latest phone technology, we’ve gathered the top details you need to know about this addition to the Galaxy family.