Fun Ways to Decorate Your Home for Christmas


Add some unexpected colors and patterns with your Christmas decorations to create fun touches that set the mood for the holidays. Using traditional decor in new ways or setting up some non-traditional decorations makes the season uniquely festive.

Brighten the Dining Area

Add a vibrantly lit tree or hang strands of sparkling lights around wall hangings in the dining area. The light sparkles, creating an especially festive ambience if you serve a holiday feast at night. Holiday lights also introduce a sparkling effect to dark corners of the room to make the whole space feel bigger and brighter.

To Tree or Not to Tree?

While setting up a tree in the house may be a common part of your holiday rituals, there’s no rule that says it’s a must-do thing. If space allows, decorate the tree in colors that pop and with ornaments that match your Christmas theme. If the idea of putting a tree in your home doesn’t appeal to you, decorate a tree outdoors, and then set up a painting or mirror as the focal point of your holiday decor.

Whimsical Decor for Children

Celebrate youthful energy during the holiday season with playful ornaments and mantel sitters. Include colorful, playful characters like penguins with scarves, snowmen and cartoon-themed adornments when you have young children. Also, try to select durable plastic decorations in case kids pick them up and accidentally drop them.

Christmas Decorating for Pets

When you have pets, there are a couple things you can do to add to the fun for them and for you. Choose a few Christmas-themed pet toys for them to enjoy. Leave a holiday-themed cushion or spare blanket under the tree so you can get photos of your pet snuggling with it. Also, avoid using tinsel and low-hanging ornaments your pet might be tempted to eat.

Decorations for Small Spaces

If you want to introduce some holiday cheer to an area but are working with limited space, choose miniature decorations. Things like a tiny tree-shaped lamp or a tabletop Christmas train pack the spirit of the holidays into little packages. Festive wall hangings also bring color and vibrancy to small spaces.