No Bar, No Problem: Perfect Gifts for Cocktail Enthusiasts

Photo Courtesy: Amazon, Sur La Table, Target

Despite all the fun and social experiences they offer, bars are now some of the most dangerous places to be during the COVID-19 pandemic. Just picture everyone inside, in your personal space, yelling to be heard over the music and taking off their masks to sip their drinks. Even worse, some people are tipsy and likely making poor decisions that can help the virus spread. It’s easy to see why many people are still staying home rather than visiting a COVID-19 hot zone just to loosen up.

If you have a friend who misses going out for drinks, bring the bar scene to them. It’s worth a shot, right? Whether you’re trying to cheer up your friend or help them kick their bartending skills up a notch, these boozy gifts will make happy hour at home extra-special.