No Bar, No Problem: Perfect Gifts for Cocktail Enthusiasts

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Despite all the fun and social experiences they offer, bars are now some of the most dangerous places to be during the COVID-19 pandemic. Just picture everyone inside, in your personal space, yelling to be heard over the music and taking off their masks to sip their drinks. Even worse, some people are tipsy and likely making poor decisions that can help the virus spread. It’s easy to see why many people are still staying home rather than visiting a COVID-19 hot zone just to loosen up.

If you have a friend who misses going out for drinks, bring the bar scene to them. It’s worth a shot, right? Whether you’re trying to cheer up your friend or help them kick their bartending skills up a notch, these boozy gifts will make happy hour at home extra-special.

Giant Ice Cubes and Spheres for Show-Stopping Sipping

Many modern bars pop large, blocky ice cubes into drink glasses, but it’s not just a crazy trend. If you’ve ever had a diluted drink, you know that it tastes funky. Enter jumbo ice cubes. These cool cubes melt slower, so your beverages (boozy or not) stay chilled without getting watered down.

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A tray for large ice spheres or ice cubes makes a great gift for any cocktail lover. It’ll fancy up any plain old drink, making your friend proud to bust these babies out while entertaining and serving at home. Boring, watered-down drinks? Not in this house.

An Innovative Way to Texturize and Liven Up Your Favorite Drinks

If your friend tends to make the same beverage repeatedly, the Cocktail R-Evolution Molecular Gastronomy Kit can help them experiment with a new mixology routine. This fascinating kit comes with user-friendly tools and compounds to enhance the flavors and textures of their favorite drinks.

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If your friend thought their cocktails were already works of art, they’ll need to think again. This kit allows them to create and add foam or burst-in-the-mouth pearls to top off their beverages. Your giftee can also transform different liquids into soft spheres or create layered drinks. Sounds like fun, right? These extraordinary creations will be the talk of the party.

A Wine Cooler to Chill More Than Just Wine

Save your friend from committing the crime of serving warm drinks by sending them a wine cooler. This chest does more than keep wine chilled; it also stores beer, champagne and other boozy beverages until they’re ready to be served. It keeps bottles organized and easy to grab while freeing up space in your refrigerator, cabinets and counter, too.

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The cooler also adds style to your pal’s space, complementing any decor with its sleek and contemporary design. With a see-through glass door, they can make their drink selection without having to open the door and let all the cold air escape. Its wide range of control features means your recipient can personalize the cooler to their liking, including the lighting and temperature. The lock feature is also super-helpful for keeping out kids and other uninvited guests, so anyone who gets this gift can sleep in peace knowing that their beverages are safe. Sip sip, hooray!

A Mini Bar That Gives Off Big Bar Energy

Elevate the relaxation area with this Martini Entertainment Bar from Winsome, a sleekly futuristic freestanding cocktail station that’ll give your pal some space-age vibes at home. It offers a comfortable area for them to pour and serve impressive beverages while guests watch the magic unfold. Its shiny chrome bars pull double duty, keeping their bottles secure while adding some modern shine to the smooth black shelving. At fewer than 4 feet wide and 2 feet deep, it’s also compact enough to fit just about anywhere.

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If this gift is out of your budget, no worries. There are other ways you can give your friend the best at-home bar experience. For instance, stylish drinking glasses are great, must-have additions to a minibar. A cocktail shaker set is also an excellent go-to gift for cocktail enthusiasts to play with. Plus, your friend won’t be the only one who enjoys it. If someone wants to join them for some liquid therapy, they can pop out the shaker set for good fun.

Craft Killer Beverages Without the Effort (Just the Push of a Button)

If your cocktail pal is all about saving time and energy, they’ll love Keurig’s Drinkworks Home Bar. Similar to the design of a coffee maker, this drink maker preps and dispenses all types of beverages, including cocktails, brews and ciders. It quickly creates their favorite drinks without sacrificing quality, so your friend can enjoy flawless, fresh drinks with the right portion of alcohol or carbonation every time.

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Another impressive cocktail mixer that’ll shake things up is the Epicureanist Automatic. Despite its quick-moving system, the mixer won’t splash liquids everywhere thanks to its spill-proof lock. That’s one less mess in the kitchen to worry about, especially for those who always find ways to spill no matter how careful they are. With one push of a button, this high-tech drink gadget will do all the work for your recipient so they’ll be good to go. No more shaking or stirring drinks alone — just perfectly mixed cocktails that are waiting to be sipped. The days of prepping a cocktail by hand will be memories of the past. Cheers!