The History and Meaning Behind the Flag and Emblem of the American Legion

The American Legion is a prestigious organization that has been serving veterans and their communities for over a century. As a symbol of their unity and commitment, the American Legion has its own distinctive flag and emblem. In this article, we will delve into the history and meaning behind these iconic symbols.

The American Legion Flag

The American Legion flag holds great significance for its members. It is a visual representation of the organization’s values, achievements, and dedication to serving veterans. The design of the flag incorporates several elements that hold deep meaning.

One prominent feature of the American Legion flag is its field of blue. Blue traditionally represents loyalty, truth, and justice – qualities that are highly valued by both veterans and society as a whole. This color choice reflects the organization’s commitment to upholding these ideals in all aspects of their work.

Another notable element on the flag is a star in each corner. These stars symbolize four pillars that form the foundation of the American Legion: Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation, National Security, Children & Youth, and Americanism. Each pillar represents an area where the organization focuses its efforts to make a positive impact on society.

The American Legion Emblem

The emblem of the American Legion is an integral part of their identity. It is widely recognized as a symbol of honor, service, and patriotism. The emblem consists of several distinct components that carry significant meaning.

At its center sits an eagle – a powerful symbol associated with courage, strength, freedom, and resilience. This eagle serves as a reminder of America’s proud heritage and the sacrifices made by veterans to protect those freedoms.

Surrounding the eagle are two concentric circles containing various elements. The outer circle features stars representing each state in America. This inclusion highlights how members from all across the nation are united under one common cause – supporting veterans.

Within this outer circle lies the organization’s name, “The American Legion,” boldly displayed. This serves as a reminder of the powerful sense of community and belonging that members share.

The Flag and Emblem in Action

The American Legion flag and emblem are not merely symbols to be admired; they are instruments of unity and inspiration. They are used in various ceremonies, events, and activities to honor veterans, educate the public, and promote patriotism.

During parades and memorial services, the American Legion flag is prominently displayed as a tribute to fallen heroes. It serves as a reminder of their sacrifice and the ongoing commitment to support all veterans.

The emblem is often featured on official American Legion documents, uniforms, and merchandise. Its presence on these items helps to establish a sense of pride among members while also raising awareness about the organization’s mission.


The flag and emblem of the American Legion hold deep historical significance and carry powerful symbolism. They represent unity, honor, service, patriotism, and a commitment to supporting veterans. These symbols serve as a constant reminder of the organization’s core values while also inspiring both members and the public alike. Through their use in various ceremonies and events, they continue to foster a strong sense of community among veterans across America.

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