What Can We Do to Protect Our Rainforests?

Photo Courtesy: [Kim Schandorff/Getty Images]

Rainforests are some of the most ecologically diverse areas on the planet. They’re beautiful natural wonders where we can encounter species of plants and animals we won’t see anywhere else in the world, but they also play a vital role in health — both human health and the health of Earth as a whole.

But we also now play a vital role in rainforests’ health, too. These diverse ecosystems are under frequent attack from illegal deforestation, the effects of climate change and other human actions that have resulted in the extinction and near-extinction of many species that call rainforests home. These issues are growing so severe and their impacts are becoming so damaging that scientists believe rainforests will vanish completely from the planet in 100 years if we don’t start taking remedial action soon. It’s crucial for us to preserve what remains. Here’s how you can get involved to protect what’s left of our rainforests.