Joining a Tribe – The Key to Success in ARK: Survival Evolved Multiplayer Mode

ARK: Survival Evolved is an immensely popular multiplayer survival game that takes players on an exhilarating journey through a prehistoric world filled with dangerous dinosaurs and other menacing creatures. In this game, forming alliances and joining tribes is not only encouraged but essential for survival and success. Joining a tribe can provide numerous advantages, such as increased protection, shared resources, and the ability to tackle more challenging tasks. In this article, we will explore why joining a tribe is the key to success in ARK: Survival Evolved’s multiplayer mode.

Safety in Numbers

In the vast and treacherous world of ARK: Survival Evolved, safety is never guaranteed when you venture out alone. Dinosaurs roam freely, posing constant threats to lone survivors. By joining a tribe, you instantly gain access to a network of allies who can come to your aid when danger strikes.

When members of a tribe work together, they can defend each other against hostile creatures and rival tribes. With multiple players fighting side by side, the chances of successfully fending off attacks are significantly higher. This added security allows tribe members to explore deeper into the game’s dangerous territories without fear of losing everything they have worked so hard for.

Shared Resources and Knowledge

One of the most significant advantages of joining a tribe in ARK: Survival Evolved is the ability to pool resources and knowledge. Surviving in this unforgiving world requires gathering essential materials like food, water, building supplies, and weapons.

By being part of a tribe, you can share the burden of resource gathering among its members. Each member can specialize in different tasks such as hunting for food or collecting building materials. This division of labor allows for more efficient resource management and ensures that everyone has what they need.

Additionally, being part of a tribe gives you access to a wealth of knowledge. Experienced tribe members can share valuable tips and strategies, teaching newer players how to navigate the game’s complexities. This exchange of knowledge can significantly accelerate your progress and help you overcome challenges more effectively.

Tackling Challenging Tasks

ARK: Survival Evolved presents players with various demanding tasks that are difficult to accomplish alone. Whether it’s taming a powerful dinosaur or taking down a massive boss creature, some challenges require multiple players working together.

Joining a tribe opens up opportunities to tackle these daunting tasks as a team. With coordinated efforts and combined resources, tribes can take on larger creatures and overcome challenging obstacles more efficiently than individuals. This collaborative gameplay not only makes the game more enjoyable but also increases your chances of success.

Establishing Alliances and Dominating the Server

In ARK: Survival Evolved, tribes have the opportunity to form alliances with other tribes on the server. These alliances can lead to mutually beneficial relationships, such as sharing resources or defending each other against common enemies.

By joining forces with other tribes, you increase your chances of dominating the server. A united front is much stronger than individual players scattered across the map. With strategic alliances in place, your tribe can establish dominance over territories, secure valuable resources, and become a force to be reckoned with in ARK’s multiplayer mode.


Joining a tribe is not only crucial for survival but also an exciting aspect of ARK: Survival Evolved’s multiplayer mode. The advantages of safety in numbers, shared resources and knowledge, tackling challenging tasks together, and establishing alliances make being part of a tribe essential for success in this prehistoric adventure. So gather your friends or seek out like-minded survivors in-game – joining a tribe could be the key to conquering ARK: Survival Evolved.

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