Gadgets for Your Friend Who Became a Chef During Quarantine

Photo Courtesy: Amazon

Back in March, many would-be chefs and bakers hopped on tons of cooking trends, from nurturing sourdough starters to making the perfect loaf of banana bread. Hey, there’s not a ton to do while sheltering in place! But now, even as more restaurants open up amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, some of your buddies may still be donning the chef’s hat.

This is great for several reasons: 1) You might just get to be a go-to taste-tester, and 2) you now have tons of gift ideas — maybe too many, in fact. Stocking your kitchen with the right tools isn’t as easy as you might think; the sheer number of gadgets can be overwhelming. Don’t worry — we’ve cooked up a list of some of our favorite kitchen must-haves for all your favorite at-home cooks.