Long and McQuade’s Rental Program: Affordable Access to Quality Instruments

Long and McQuade is a renowned name in the music industry, known for its wide range of musical instruments, equipment, and exceptional customer service. One of the standout features of this iconic Canadian company is its rental program, which allows musicians of all levels to have affordable access to quality instruments. Whether you’re a beginner looking to try out a new instrument or a professional musician in need of specialized gear for a gig or recording session, Long and McQuade’s rental program has got you covered.

Extensive Selection of Instruments

Long and McQuade’s rental program boasts an extensive selection of instruments catering to all musical genres and skill levels. From guitars, basses, drums, keyboards, brass and woodwind instruments to audio equipment such as mixers, microphones, and amplifiers – they have it all. Whether you’re interested in trying out a new instrument before making a purchase or need an instrument for a short-term project, their vast inventory ensures that you’ll find the perfect fit.

Quality Assurance

One concern that often arises with rental programs is the condition of the instruments. However, at Long and McQuade, quality assurance is given utmost importance. Each instrument goes through meticulous inspection and maintenance before it is made available for rent. This ensures that every musician who rents from Long and McQuade receives an instrument that meets high-quality standards.

Furthermore, their team of knowledgeable staff members are always ready to assist customers in choosing the right instrument based on their specific needs. Whether you’re unsure about which guitar suits your playing style or need advice on selecting the perfect microphone for recording vocals – their friendly staff will guide you through the process.

Flexibility in Rental Options

Long and McQuade understands that every musician’s needs are unique; therefore, they offer flexible rental options to accommodate different requirements. Whether you need an instrument for a day, a week, or even several months, their rental program allows you to choose the duration that suits your needs. This flexibility is especially beneficial for musicians who are touring or working on short-term projects.

Moreover, if you decide that you want to purchase the instrument after renting it, Long and McQuade offers a rent-to-own option. This means that a portion of your rental payments can be applied towards the purchase price of the instrument. This feature allows musicians to try out an instrument before committing to buying it, making it an excellent opportunity for those who are unsure about making a long-term investment.


Long and McQuade’s rental program is undoubtedly a game-changer in the music industry. It provides affordable access to a wide range of quality instruments, ensuring that musicians of all levels have the opportunity to pursue their passion without breaking the bank. With their extensive selection of instruments, commitment to quality assurance, and flexible rental options – Long and McQuade has established itself as a go-to destination for musicians seeking reliable and affordable instrument rentals. Whether you’re trying out a new instrument or in need of specialized gear for your next project, Long and McQuade’s rental program is here to make your musical journey smoother and more accessible than ever before.

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