Mastering Erron Black in Mortal Kombat: Tips and Strategies

Erron Black, the gunslinger from Mortal Kombat, is a formidable character known for his quick draw and deadly marksmanship. With his unique moveset and versatile playstyle, mastering Erron Black can be a rewarding experience for players. In this article, we will explore some tips and strategies to help you become a skilled Erron Black player in Mortal Kombat.

Understanding Erron Black’s Moves

To effectively utilize Erron Black’s abilities, it is crucial to understand his moveset. Erron Black possesses a variety of ranged attacks, quick strikes, and combo strings that can catch opponents off guard. One of his most iconic moves is the Sand Grenade, which can be used to control space and pressure opponents.

Another key move is the Scud Shot, which allows Erron Black to shoot at different heights with his pistols. This move can be used to keep opponents at bay or initiate combos. Additionally, understanding the timing and range of Erron Black’s Quick Shot is essential for punishing opponents’ mistakes.

Mastering Combos and Strings

Erron Black shines when he combines his quick strikes into devastating combo strings. Learning and practicing these combos will greatly enhance your offensive capabilities with this character. One effective combo string is “Outlaw,” which consists of high-damage attacks like “Sand Trap” followed by “Locked N’ Loaded.”

Another powerful combo string is “Gunslinger,” which incorporates pistol shots into melee attacks such as “Rifle Butt” or “Standoff.” These combos not only deal significant damage but also create opportunities for further pressure or mix-ups.

Utilizing Special Moves

Erron Black’s special moves offer a variety of options that can catch opponents off guard. The Enhanced Scud Shot allows him to fire multiple bullets at different heights, making it difficult for opponents to predict and counter. This move can be used to create space or extend combos.

Another special move, “Sand Slide,” is a low-hitting attack that can surprise opponents and lead into devastating combos. It can also be canceled into other moves, adding an element of unpredictability to Erron Black’s playstyle.

Mind Games and Strategies

To truly master Erron Black, it is essential to understand the importance of mind games and strategies. Utilizing his range and zoning abilities effectively can force opponents into making mistakes. By controlling space with Sand Grenades and Scud Shots, you can dictate the pace of the match.

Erron Black’s command grab, “TNT Toss,” is another tool that can be used to keep opponents guessing. It can punish defensive players who are constantly blocking or expecting projectiles. Mixing up your offense with grabs, overhead attacks, and low attacks will make it difficult for opponents to anticipate your next move.


Mastering Erron Black in Mortal Kombat requires a combination of understanding his moveset, practicing combos, utilizing special moves effectively, and employing mind games and strategies. By incorporating these tips and strategies into your gameplay, you will be well on your way to becoming a skilled gunslinger in the Mortal Kombat arena. So grab your pistols, hone your aim, and show your opponents what Erron Black is truly capable of.

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