9 Must-Read Memoirs to Uplift Asian Stories and Celebrate AAPI Heritage Month

Photo Courtesy: [Goodreads]

Each May, Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month honors the achievements, cultural contributions and rich histories of Asian Americans and Pacific Islander Americans today and throughout U.S. history. During AAPI Heritage Month, people around the country also join together to celebrate the distinct nationalities, cultures and histories that make up Asia and Oceania — and the ways their impacts have enriched the United States.

AAPI Heritage Month isn’t just a time for commemoration, though; it’s also an important time for education. As you begin learning more about the diverse cultural heritages recognized this May, understanding the lived experiences of members of the AAPI community is a vital way to build compassion and empathy and more fully understand U.S. history as a whole. And these memoirs can help you do just that through their heartfelt, honest storytelling that details the raw and real experiences of Asian Americans and Pacific Islander Americans.