Naughty Doggos: Shameful (and Hilarious) Canine Behavior

Photo Courtesy: @dogshaming/Twitter

If you’ve ever had a dog, you know they can be mischievous creatures. No matter how cuddly cute those faces are — and they are cute! — a scolding is sometimes necessary to maintain order.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a good laugh in private and share their hilariously bad behavior for laughs on the internet. From furniture destruction to gobbling down not-so-edible substances, these doggy crimes provoked some chuckles to balance the irritation.

When the Fiesta Is Over

Nachos and burritos and quesadillas, oh my! How could he resist a Mexican fiesta in the garbage? It looks like this furry guy got jealous of his human’s tasty dinner and thought he could get away with sneaking the yummy leftovers out of the trash without a hitch. Forbidden food is even more delicious, after all.

Photo Courtesy: @littleFace_21/Twitter

Six hours later, the secret resurfaced in an unfortunate way for everyone involved — four-legged and two. This poor pup looks like he’ll never touch another beef fajita again. As for tomorrow night’s pepperoni pizza scraps, that’s a different story altogether.

Cheetah Girl Through and Through

With so much cheetah print around, it’s no surprise this pup felt her wild instincts kick in. Who could blame her? It’s hard to pass up an opportunity to show those of the feline persuasion who’s boss, especially when it involves something as appetizing as a shoe.

Photo Courtesy: @Fallsraider/Twitter

According to the American Kennel Club, the behavior we interpret as guilt in our pets — like cowering, a tucked tail and flattened ears — are simply expressions of fear and stress. Guilt is a bit too complex an emotion, even for the cleverest pooch. Now who’s feeling guilty?

Scaredy Dog

Large appliances that make loud noises are straight-up terrifying for dogs. If you don’t see that, you’ll never understand your doggy. This poor guy was just trying to escape the big bad vacuum but ended up creating quite a mess in the process. You can see him thinking, “It wasn’t my fault, Dad!”

Photo Courtesy: @marksickmiller/Twitter

According to Pet Guide, one of the main reasons dogs are so afraid of vacuum cleaners is the excessive noise they produce. Canines are known for their superb sense of hearing, so the already noisy machine is amplified even more for them.

Tissue Paper Tornado

Sometimes, it seems like dogs can’t find a better way to spend their time than by chewing up things that are inedible. Take tissue paper, for example. We may use it to spruce up a gift, but this guy sees “lunchtime” written all over every crinkly piece.

Photo Courtesy: @mattdbull/Twitter

As dog owners, we may be accustomed to returning home to find things aren’t quite as we left them. Sometimes, it’s part of the fun; sometimes, it’s a total pain. Maybe this owner could repurpose the torn tissue paper into paper flowers? It’s all about thinking outside the box.

Bully No More

This regretful pooch is being shamed for not just one, but three separate crimes. Talk about a delinquent! Still, look at those puppy dog eyes. How could you resist giving her a big old snuggle? In her heart of hearts, she’s a good girl.

Photo Courtesy: @THEAlexisChapa/Twitter

We feel for Penny sitting so innocently next to her, though. She wants some love from her big sis. Don’t we all? Being the little sibling is a tough job. If these owners aren’t careful, Penny will be helping Harley do the digging next time, and the damage will be double.

Cold-Blooded Canine

Shield your eyes, kids! This one is graphic. A stuffed animal massacre has occurred, and it’s all thanks to this little guy who seems to look as innocent as ever. “Who, me? I would never!” It’s always the cute ones that are the most trouble.

Photo Courtesy: @PhilosophyofDog/Twitter

According to Wag!, dogs’ intense interest in stuffed animals can be attributed to a couple of factors, namely gum and toothaches that are alleviated by chewing and the natural killer instinct. Lots of dogs see their toys as prey and seize any opportunity to attack and capture it.

Straight Up Stranded

While dogs may be superior to cats in some ways, when it comes to gracefully jumping on and off surfaces, cats have the upper hand. This eager guy thought he could sneak a second dinner out from under his feline friend’s nose, but karma has a way of taking you down.

Photo Courtesy: @catfreq/Twitter

It’s funny to imagine this oversized bundle of love stuck three feet above the ground in cat territory, with no space to move around. Bet he will think twice before jumping up there again!

Santa’s Little Imposter

We all know that the holidays usually mean lots of sweets and treats, but this doggo went a little wild on indulgences and helped himself to more than his share. Clearly, someone’s not watching his figure! More power to you, pooch.

Photo Courtesy: @CBS4Mark/Twitter

While dogs are notorious for eating almost anything they can get their paws on, some foods are for human consumption only and can be toxic to dogs. Alcohol, chocolate, grape skins and artificial sweeteners are all examples of foods you need to keep far away from your pooch. If they do manage to sneak any of these items, get them to the vet ASAP.

It’s Called a Chew-O-Lantern, Right?

The spookiest time of year calls for lots of decorations, and it’s clear that when it came time to carve the pumpkins, this little squirt wanted to be a part of the action! His design may be a bit more abstract than his human was hoping for, but, hey, some artists are always misunderstood.

Photo Courtesy: @KatJones_84/Twitter

On a different note, cute little pugs, with their big bug eyes, tucked ears and forever frown, always seem to look guilty of something. It’s seriously adorable but a tad bit suspicious.

An Ungrateful Little Cutie

There are friends, and then there are people who give you pizza. Sorry, friends, we’ll always choose the pizza! It seems the cheesy treat was a little underappreciated in this case, as poor Dave (the pizza-giver) was subjected to some high-pitch complaints from this little dude.

Photo Courtesy: @LeCineNerd/Twitter

Each dog barks a different amount, and the reason behind it can vary a great deal. Some dogs bark primarily when they think their owners are in danger, but others bark anytime they feel stress, excitement, surprise or even loneliness, according to the American Kennel Club.

Paint the Town (and the Couch)

It’s not easy being an artist, and it’s clear that this dog had a long day on the job. To make matters worse, no one appreciated his genius! Why don’t his owners understand that he was trying to make the couch more beautiful? Brown and white complement each other perfectly — even a color blind canine knows that.

Photo Courtesy: @mtgr898/Twitter

If your dog’s prone to tearing the house apart, it may be time to set up some obedience classes. Pet behaviorists are able to focus on the problematic behavior and find practical solutions to help you change it gradually.

Show ‘Em Who’s Boss

Everyone knows that raccoons have it coming to them, and brave Porter got the job done by — um, tearing up his Mom’s new book? That makes sense, right? Don’t tell poor Porter that all his efforts were a waste of time.

Photo Courtesy: @ShelleyMadie/Twitter

Coincidentally, the title of the destroyed book, Furiously Unhappy, perfectly summed up his owner’s reaction to the mess when she woke up the next morning. She’ll never know the end of the story, but on the bright side, that pesky raccoon has been warned!

Bring Your Dog to Work Day

Is there anything more exciting than accompanying Dad to the office? How could I not get a little overexcited when you went to your meeting and left me in charge? I couldn’t wait until you got back and saw everything I achieved. Not to mention that your trash smelled downright delicious, and I had to see what was inside.

Photo Courtesy: @standardkev/Twitter

It’s becoming increasingly common for dogs to be allowed in the workplace. However, most offices require a pooch to be well-behaved and mostly calm throughout the day. Some companies may require that your pet is properly vaccinated and trained as well.

Orange You Glad to See Me?

While some dogs look guilty after wrongdoing, this dude looks straight up proud! “Look what I did! Do you like it?” You’ve got to hand it to him. If he was trying to create a winter wonderland, he hit the mark. And the orange? Well, if you don’t get the relevance now, you never will.

Photo Courtesy: @thorbullyboy/Twitter

According to Petcube, the best disciplinary methods to teach your dog obedience include time-outs, a raised voice, taking toys away and avoiding giving your dog attention after they misbehave. Essentially, anything non-violent you can do to indicate to your dog that you’re displeased can do the trick.

Hungry Hungry Doggo

Snacks are good for the soul, but this guy might have gone a little bit overboard. So many treats, so little time. You know how it goes. You eat one, then figure why not go for another, then the bag is empty, and then you’re licking it for crumbs.

Photo Courtesy: @txvoodoo/Twitter

Even though this dog might have gone too far, breath-freshening treats like these are a great way to curb yucky dog breath while also making your pet happy. To avoid treat theft, try keeping them up high in a cupboard your dog won’t be able to reach.

Better Out Than In

There’s not much to say about this one, except “Ew!” We feel for that poor human who had to deal with all the aspects of this debacle. What a good mom! We’re pretty sure it’s a Christmas miracle she didn’t send him straight to his crate for an extra-long timeout.

Photo Courtesy: @dogshaming/Twitter

Believe it or not, there’s a name for the phenomenon of stool eating: coprophagy. It’s a pretty typical behavior in puppies, and new dog moms also sometimes do it to protect their pups from predators who could be attracted to the scent of their stool. Still gross, but understandable.

The Turd Burglar

Another case of feces feasting, folks! We may never understand the appeal, but maybe we’re missing out on something since our dogs enjoy it so much. Maybe it’s an acquired taste, like caviar? (Nope, not a chance!) We may never understand and will continue to be grossed out.

Photo Courtesy: @dogshaming/Twitter

According to PetMD, dogs only have about a sixth of the taste buds humans have. While they can tell the difference between bitter, salty and sweet flavors, their taste is actually more determined by their acute sense of smell. If it smells appealing to them, it’s good enough to scarf down.

The Most Delicious Time of Year

Haven’t you always wondered what trees taste like? No? You know you chewed a leaf or two as a kid, so aren’t you even a little tempted? Still no? Well, this dog isn’t afraid to go where no man has dared to go: Christmas tree munching.

Photo Courtesy: @dogshaming/Twitter

Considering he’s literally “filled” with Christmas spirit, this pooch could be on his way to becoming an honorary elf. Can’t you just picture him in the adorable elf outfit, hat and all? It would be quite a sight to see a wiener-dog-turned-elf perched on the shelf.

A Pound of Bacon a Day

You’ve got to give major props to this pouty pup who was briefly stuffed to the brim with stolen bacon. It’s probably not every day that he gets treated to such a high-class breakfast, so maybe it was time he took meal prep into his own hands. And once he started, how could he stop? So greasy, so juicy, so delicious.

Photo Courtesy: @dogshaming/Twitter

Dad trusted him to leave yummy bacon alone on the counter — not a good move. How could he resist? This one’s more on Dad than the dog. Hopefully, they both learned their lesson while they were stuck in the doghouse.

A Semi-Contained Disaster

It’s a classic excuse — blame it on the other guy. Even pet siblings are no exception to this rule for getting out of trouble. He’s just waiting to pass the buck, hoping he’ll get away with his mini rampage.

Photo Courtesy: @dogshaming/Twitter

While animal behavior varies hugely, it’s true that dogs are easier to train than cats in general. It has a lot to do with the dependency each animal feels toward its owner, according to The Spruce Pets. Dogs tend to be more attached to humans and need a lot of validation, while cats love their humans but are still happy to be independent and fend for themselves.

You’re Not Going Anywhere

Isn’t it fun when Granny visits? You never want her to leave. She’s so loving and likes to spoil you. Well, lucky for you, this guy has taken care of the problem. He just wanted Granny to stay a little longer. Is that too much to ask? Maybe Granny should just take it as a compliment.

Photo Courtesy: @dogshaming/Twitter

It’s also worth mentioning that there’s really no better place to get stuck than Canada. The people are so wholesome and kind, and have you tried Canadian bacon? It’s seriously delicious. Just ask your dog. The maple syrup is pretty sweet as well. You’re welcome, Granny.

A Hard Day’s Work

Ah, yes, another day on the job done. It’s so refreshing knowing that the hard work you put in was worthwhile. Is there any better way to spend your time than by locking yourself in a room and barking fiercely until someone comes to get you? This pup certainly doesn’t think so.

Photo Courtesy: @dogshaming/Twitter

This may be a simple case of boredom and a dog who looked for creative ways to entertain himself. It’s not the most pleasant experience for his humans, but he seems to get a kick out of it.

Shilo with the Sharp Teeth

We’ve all seen our share of bad movies, but this dude’s really a harsh critic! Destroying the entire thing so no one else has to suffer through it? Talk about a strong opinion. We get it, Shilo, you’re a picky viewer, but let the rest of us enjoy whatever entertainment we want.

Photo Courtesy: @dogshaming/Twitter

To make matters worse, it looks like we’ve got a John Wayne hater on our hands. The Shootist was his final film, a western romance released in 1976. If only John knew what came of his last hurrah. On the bright side, it does have a 95% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, so Shilo is virtually alone in his criticism.

The Wannabe Chef

Breakfast in bed may be one of the best ways someone can show you how much they love you. This good girl is trying her best, and that’s all that matters. Quick, someone print out a recipe and help her reach the eggs. She’s got this. We just know it!

Photo Courtesy: @dogshaming/Twitter

How adorable would it be if dogs celebrated Mother’s Day and Father’s Day by serving up breakfast in bed? Imagine all the cards with paw print signatures and the face licks owners would get. Maybe with some help from their human siblings, they could successfully conjure up some pancakes.


Let’s see, what about places you don’t expect to see your dog? How about with his head sticking out through a massive hole in a trailer door? We would really love some backstory on this one, because it sure makes for a good dog shaming moment. He looks content in his face hole without a care in the world.

Photo Courtesy: @dogshaming/Twitter

Questions we’re left to ponder: What in the world happened? How did they fix the door? Was this the first time this happened? Does he have an especially powerful bionic head? So many questions, so little time.

Pizza Party for One

Never ever feel ashamed for eating the last slice. Someone’s gotta do it, so why shouldn’t it be you? Yes, even if you’re not a human. Two-legged folks tend to universally love pizza, so it’s no surprise that pets catch a whiff and want to get in on the action.

Photo Courtesy: @dogshaming/Twitter

What do you think a dog’s ideal pizza would include? Bacon? Pepperoni? Bones? Dog treats? The list could go on, but probably a meat lover’s pie with extra meat would do the trick until you can figure out the perfect formula. Quick! Someone start this business.

Just Keep Digging

This smiley dog is happy because his plan worked just like he hoped! The more time Mom spends cleaning, the less time she spends away from home. It’s pretty logical, really. What probably started as digging to find an interesting smell turned into a full-blown excavation of a once fully-functional couch.

Photo Courtesy: @dogshaming/Twitter

One thing’s for sure: This guy took no prisoners. Each and every cushion was subjected to the same horrific fate. It looks like some crate time is definitely overdue for this naughty fellow. We can only hope that the next couch survives his angry wrath. Best of luck, furniture!

Blinded by the Bite

Everything is fair game when a pup decides he needs to sink his teeth into something. When it comes to choosing what to eat, why not go for a fresh-smelling, intriguing new addition to the room? It could be the perfect snack!

Photo Courtesy: @dogshaming/Twitter

Much like human babies, younger dogs chew things as a way of teething and relieving the pain of tooth growth. Older dogs who are prone to chewing may be fighting boredom, relieving anxiety or simply keeping their jaws strong. It’s a natural thing to do — for a dog — but it would sure be nice if he would stick to his toys rather than the blinds next time.

Double Trouble

When a brother and sister duo team up, there’s no telling what sort of mischief they can create. It looks like this time, the poor frog croaked from some combined efforts. He really didn’t stand a chance against this twosome, now did he?

Photo Courtesy: @dogshaming/Twitter

Sibling rivalry and camaraderie are just as real in the dog world. According to Journey Dog Training, dogs that find forever homes with siblings — biological or not — deal with aggression issues and competitiveness more often than those that are raised without a brother or sister in the home with them.

Pay Attention to Me, Mom!

Everyone loves attention, and sometimes you can’t wait another minute for your human to give you the time of day. This pooch was sick and tired of entertaining herself and decided to make it known she was ready for lots of love and pets.

Photo Courtesy: @dogshaming/Twitter

According to Rover, studies show that dogs form positive associations with their favorite people and get lonely when they are separated from them for too long. Is there anything more heartwarming than coming home to a pup that’s been eagerly awaiting your return? Dogs are sometimes more excited to see you than anyone else in the family!