Trendy Sweatsuits and Other Attire Suggestions for Year Two of the Pandemic

Photo Courtesy: NBC

The Daily Social Distancing Show’s Trevor Noah encompasses chic pandemic attire better than most. Pre-COVID, he had on a perfectly bespoke dark suit with a white shirt and tie every night. He was clean-shaven and his hair was short. He switched that uniform to color-block hoodies and let his hair grow as soon as he started doing the show from home.

Jason Sudeikis’ tie-dye hoodie and Jodie Foster and her wife’s — photographer Alexandra Hedison — set of luxe pajamas at the Golden Globes’ 2021 ceremony also inform the moment of history we’re living. The dress code for the Globes seemed to almost be: "as long as you’re dressed, it should work." This explains Sudeikis’ casual look, Foster’s effort to be elegant yet comfortable at the same time, and Sarah Paulson’s more classic haute couture look in a Prada gown, complete with a lavender Prada cast for her injured arm.

Unlike TV hosts, we don’t necessarily need to adhere to the whole uniform while working from home. And, unlike celebrities, we might not have that many opportunities for socially distanced parties that are televised and where formal attire is optional.

We’re celebrating our first anniversary of being stuck at home and, even though things are starting to look a bit brighter, there might still be some months left of Zoom book clubs and work meetings. Is it time to reconsider the whole mantra of business on the top, casual comfort on the bottom? Should we be rethinking the appropriateness of sweatshirts and T-shirts for work environments? And how much are people changing the way they’re buying clothes?